Your parents haven't slept in the hotel where you've slept.

Your parents haven't slept in the hotel where you've slept.
The man who once dared to go to the waves with ten yuan in pocket has now become the figure of cooking chicken soup in the kitchen.

at that time, the program said that stewed chicken with Chinese wolfberry was good for the body and mind, and the exact same dish would appear on the table the next day. Even every weekend, I am sure to make thick chicken soup to make me up, wind and rain do not move.

when I handed her a French fries in McDonald's and she shook her head and said she didn't want to eat it, I felt that when I came home a few years ago, my mother hurt her wrist and it was inconvenient to cook, and the three meals at home depended on takeout.

but after living outside for several years, in less than a week, I got tired of takeout and missed my mother's cooking.

I laugh at my brother for not knowing my mother.

this sudden change stunned me for half a second.

she frowned and said, "it's all chicken. Chicken soup is more nutritious."

his words fascinated me even longer.

so after that day, I felt vaguely that maybe I didn't know my mother at all.

Auntie said that when my mother was a teenager, she had ten yuan in her pocket and went to Shantou to make a living by herself.

my aunt looked at me with disdain: "your mother was much better than you at that time."

when he said this, my father suddenly smiled: "then a few days later, we went to Shanxi to talk about cooperation." when she went out of town, your mother was more excited than I was. "

he took a puff of his cigarette, his eyes twinkled, and tried to remember," but that seemed to be the only time your mother came out of the province. "

my birth is a pressure and a change for them.

at that time, the new store in my family owed money and wanted to provide me with milk powder money, which increased the pressure.

probably from then on, she used to spend her money where she thought she should, that is, me.

in fact, there are times when she is not used to it, and she occasionally mentions that she wants to do some work on her own to subsidize her family. But in the end, he was still worried about the children at home, so he concentrated on the study of "nutrition."

I said, "what kind of manual work do you do? the family is not short of this little money." After a pause, I said, "when I make money, I'll open a shop for you."

I'm a little serious, just for fun, when I make enough money.

in fact, I used to think my mother was a little boring.

when she came home, my mother calmly said, "I can't even catch up with you on a motorcycle."

but when I knew that she dared to kill from home to Shantou with 10 yuan, I felt in a trance that everyone had yearning for other parts of the world, even parents who only seemed to know how to keep in good health.

when they are parents, they dare not. They have to find ways to spend every penny on their children.

We are fed up with McDonald's, but they haven't eaten it many times.

We buy cosmetics and collectibles, but they secretly buy us nutrition.

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this is what makes me feel sad:

it's just that this curiosity died when we were born.

We always feel that our parents do not understand us, stubborn and traditional.

they have also experienced the independence and arrogance of their own time.

just because they are old.

so she always treats "traveling" as being in an unknown place, going crazy and going wild.

in September this year, Finney launched a campaign called "Finney fans go all over the World-- A Wild Journey between China, Russia and Mongolia," with a group of independent, free and daring people to travel to three wild places in Erlianhot, Mongolia and Russia.

while in the active team, I saw some "uncles".

in fact, I have always felt that many parents have hardly thought about themselves.

although I occasionally want to go out to play, I always worry about becoming a burden to my children, so I don't know.

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