I can't afford to buy iPhone X and I can't go back to Nokia.

I can't afford to buy iPhone X and I can't go back to Nokia.
Good night.

at this time of year, the new iPhone attracts enough attention and causes an uproar. It is almost at the forefront of science and technology, telling the world what is good with its unique design and concept.

if it hadn't been for that poster, I might have forgotten what my phone looked exactly like ten years ago.

the first mobile phone I own was the Nokia N73.

I also searched Taobao on a whim, and found that its nickname changed from "Machine King N73" to "straight button student N73" classic standby machine for the elderly , the price is 185yuan.

but in the second year of junior high school, when my parents took me to the digital store to buy it, I was still as excited as a treasure.

because that means I start to get a lot of what I want.

these abilities are too precious for us as teenagers.

but almost everyone still carries it secretly, fighting guerrilla warfare with teachers and administrators all the time, and even developing the ability to play blindly on their mobile phones.

and all this is hard, just to defend those "abilities" that you already have.

at that time, there was no wifi, and chatting was for real money. It cost 10 cents for a text message, and the phone was often turned off while chatting.

at that time, it was a luxury to be willing to send text messages with hundreds of words.

unlike now, when you casually send out emojis of "bang you to the sky", you can say "date" unscrupulously and tentatively say "like you". Anyway, it doesn't cost at all.

Eel Whale often envies me for my 128GB memory. Photos and videos don't need to be deleted. I've never cleaned up NetEYun's music cache. It doesn't matter if Wechat chats pile up to 30GB.

even though they stay on my phone alive.

this also means that you need to calculate exactly what you want to leave in your phone.

what if I really can't save it?

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I remember taking a taxi and accidentally lost my cell phone. The first thing that came to my mind was that those thoughts that had not been copied down would never be seen again, so I was depressed at home for a long time.

if you lose your phone, the only thing that hurts is that you have lost thousands of yuan.


there is nothing wrong with scientific and technological progress, it is only responsible for bringing us a better and more convenient way of life.

We always associate growth with loss, but we never think about it. It is because we see that we get more, so we throw away the things that are "less important" in our subconscious mind one by one.

those thoughts and processes, no matter how deep the experience, have become "outdated" products.

what I know, when I grow up, I can't go back.

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