College students who travel with their parents' money

College students who travel with their parents' money
When I was in college, it seemed easy to have the illusion that I was very close to "Poetry and distance".

the maturity in age and the childishness in the wallet make the matter of "college student travel" a little more subtle.

these words extinguished his initial excitement.


there are about 1000 yuan a month, so I can eat less and barely enough to make a trip to Xiamen.

but this happiness didn't last long.

I didn't want to take a taxi. It took me three hours to get to the hotel by bus.

even when you see something you like, you can only pretend not to like it and move on without looking back.

that trip had no sense of beauty at all and even made me cast a shadow over the city of Xiamen.

looking back, I always feel that I valued "independence" so much that I didn't want to admit that I was at the age of " having time but not capable ".

now I always feel that taking money from my parents to broaden my horizons and make better use of time and resources is actually a smarter choice.

Economic independence is a prerequisite for freedom

it's just that when you reach adulthood, don't take money from your family to spend.

before she went back, she was in Guangzhou with a salary of 3k and paid monthly rent for a meal and a ride, which was just used up. The MacBook of

8k was also written by his father.

persuaded her to come back, her father didn't make much effort. She just cut off her food for four months, so she didn't spend the fifth month, but still took it soft.

actually there is nothing to complain about.

it is not recommended to spend parents' money to travel, not for the traditional virtue of thrift, nor is it because parents are "living" that they cannot have poetry and distance.

in an intimate relationship, the more you rely on each other financially, the less you have the right to speak, and the more difficult it is to be free.

but independence and freedom always have to be exchanged at a price.

for parents, travel is like a toy

because they spend more than 1.5k a month, the extra money is usually made up part-time on their own.

the accident happened in the second semester of junior year.

I am very excited to have the opportunity to listen to the scene, but I am also very painful that I can't afford the money myself.

he laughed at me and then gave me an extra 1k to have a good time.

I was a little embarrassed by the side, and the original speech about "learning how to speak and debate" did not come into play.

I remember passing by the store when I was a child, always badgering my parents to buy toys.

as far as parents are concerned, they are still willing to provide us with what we like best within their means.

parents can treat us like children, but we can't.

some people regard it as a platform to broaden their horizons, some people regard it as a symbol of independence, and others regard it as a "toy".

I asked my mother why she always wanted me to go out more often.

in my mother's eyes, travel is synonymous with "wild" and "different".

in September this year, Finney launched a campaign called "Finney fans go all over the World-- A Wild Journey between China, Russia and Mongolia," with a group of independent, free and daring people to travel to three wild places in Erlianhot, Mongolia and Russia.

later, the younger sister of the company said, "maybe in the eyes of the masses, manufacturing and traditional enterprises are relatively rigid companies, but We have a boss who knows how to play and leads a group of employees who can play, creating a company that knows how to play. "

because of this, chaos also joined in this wild trip.

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you can go wild, or you can be different from others.

good night.

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