If you want to learn to draw, follow this account.

If you want to learn to draw, follow this account.
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after reading it, I immediately feel that I still have to go further and further on the road of painting!

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# drawing exercises people's thinking #

# drawing makes people feel good #

# bring children a better environment #

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# Not happy #

# painting can make money #

# painting is a lifelong companion #

# painting gives peace of mind #

unlike many youthful rice-eating industries, people who paint continue to improve with their own cultural accumulation. His paintings are like old wine, more mellow and more moving. When painters paint, the older they get, the more popular they become. To be an old artist with both virtue and art is the goal of countless painters.


drawing itself is a very happy thing! At all times and all over the world, how many people are crazy about painting, how many people are crazy about painting, and how many people give up stable careers for the sake of painting. Painting is human nature, which brings people a sense of achievement, peace of mind and self-affirmation. There is nothing happier in the world than painting!

everyone who learns to draw knows



sometimes it is unavoidable

Thank you for your tolerance. Good night.