Who says you have to buy lipstick when chasing girls?

Who says you have to buy lipstick when chasing girls?
It's so boring.

she has all kinds of cool hobbies such as Longboard, guitar and popping, as well as some strange habits.

she dyed everything from the most basic dark brown to the hot light gray.

A beautiful and special girl like her is always the most eye-catching in the crowd. There are many people who like Azi, and she always plays with tickets and seems to talk about love, and then dye her hair every three or four months.

We teased her and said, "Yo, are you going to be good?"

A Zi met Ah Zhi at a friend's birthday party. In that noisy, dark K room with bungee lights flashing.

after a few words of hello and self-introduction, A Zhi suddenly squinted and looked closer to the position of A Zi's collarbone.

A Zi was confused on the spot. It turned out that the other party was just looking at the end of his hair.

A Zhi should have noticed Ah Zi's twisted facial expression and suddenly realized that it was impolite to talk about a girl like this, so in order to resolve embarrassment, he took out his mobile phone and asked for Wechat.

although in the later chat, Ah Zhi still seemed so confused about amorous feelings, but Ah Zi's careless character actually didn't mind, only occasionally she would pretend to be angry to play with Ah Zhi, because she knew he would take it seriously, and then scared her voice to explain that she didn't mean it.

two months later, another big joke appeared on A Zi's birthday.

he said once again, puzzled, "it's no use spraying fairy water on your grass."

while chatting, the two of them are really getting better.

the handsome Ah Zi used to call her exes dogs. this is the only time, she barks like spring pigs and pigs all day long.

now we just roll our eyes and skillfully avoid dog food.

before I went to school, Qixi Festival, I showed my love by brushing running water in my circle of friends. It was nothing more than breakfast and dinner lipstick. When I brushed it to Azi's circle of friends, I couldn't help laughing and asking for a like.

he crouched by the bed and washed her hair.

she suddenly patted the table and said, "you've all been deceived by him!" He was really looking at my collarbone in room K that day! He said he thought the tattoo was special, but the light was too dim to see clearly, so he wanted to take a closer look. Then he casually made up an excuse, which was too treacherous! "

because the things that move people are never the same gifts and the routines that can be expected to end. But the tacit "treachery" between you, which only belongs to the special mind between you.

people are always moved by "special".

like others only wash their hair, but it nourishes the scalp "Ziyuan without silicone oil shampoo".

this repair series has a looting activity at September 19: 00 o'clock store promotion,

, while the other one is the ginger strong root healthy hair cover group, which contains 98% plant essence. It is especially suitable for people with hair loss, hair loss and hair loss, even during pregnancy and delivery and seasonal hair loss.

there is an old saying that goes like this: "if you give me the same thing as someone else, I won't want it."

because the more special it is, the harder it is to be replaced and the rarer it is.


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