"I dare not say I like it without money."

"I dare not say I like it without money."
There's always something good to keep us going.

I started playing basketball in high school.

and people who like basketball in high school are all desperate.

parents are naturally angry when their children are seriously injured, and they can't understand this level of love: "Why do you work so hard for a game that puts the ball in the box?"

he was so good that he won all kinds of games, but it wasn't long before his family asked him why he didn't study hard and why he wanted to play with these things.

grown-ups say, "what's the use of liking? Can you make money from this? "


in fact, it's painful to like everything when you don't have money.

at that time, she had a living expenses of 1k and a second-hand entry-level SLR of 3k.

when she thought about it and plucked up the courage to make a living by photography, her father suddenly said, "strong> you have been raising you for more than ten years, not to take pictures of others." "

" forget it as an interest. " Her mother said earnestly and attentively, "Girl, down-to-earth, it's good to be a civil servant."

I can understand Ah Bai's grievances.

summon up the courage to decide to turn love into a career, but the closest person can extinguish that courage at once.

A few days ago, I was walking on the basketball court with A Bai. I asked about photography.

I have some pity. After all, I saved frugally for half a year.

from freshman to junior year, A Bai has been working very hard to learn photography skills, but also frugally to buy lenses, a girl summer vacation in order to shoot, live dark several degrees.

she told me that if she could earn even a few hundred yuan from photography in the past few years, she would have the courage to tell her family not to take the civil service examination.

how many times her parents said, she secretly tried not to give up.


I didn't reply.

it can't be solved by love alone, otherwise the people who went to practice with fractures in high school would not have grown bellies now. Otherwise, I, who vowed to dunk, would not have practiced bouncing for three years, and could only barely touch the basket.

I can't encourage them, because they don't become very strong as soon as I say come on. Love is always your own business.

because no one will be reconciled.

like the last A Bai, I still don't think she is reconciled to it.

then give it a try.

that's what everyone tells himself.

whether a friend with a fracture looks back on the days when he missed the championship,

or I look back on the life that has changed because of words this year,

"how do you think back to those years?" I asked them.

is it a good dream?

although the final result was not particularly good-looking, they all replied to me like this.

compared to many people, I always feel lucky.

later, when I decided to support myself with words, I happened to encounter chaos.

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for me, an ordinary senior who is not 985 or 211 and has nothing to do but look good, this is an experience I could not imagine before.

and this time, the chaos is about to recruit new people.

but if you really don't want to give it a try, you really like writing, and you really want your family to watch you take this path with peace of mind.

what can we give:

2, systematic writing and topic selection teaching.

4, salary interview. (reached the industry standard of first-tier cities at the beginning of 18 years)

2. There are three or four official accounts in Subscription account's list that have been seen for more than a year.

4. Love writing.

resume requirements:

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writer + coordinate + name

Thank you. Good night.

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