An internship is meaningful only if you are too tired to be convinced.

An internship is meaningful only if you are too tired to be convinced.
Maybe you are just a kind of cheap labor.

more and more people have lost the right to spend their summer vacation.

at the end of this semester, the problem that the friends around me were most concerned about unwittingly changed from when they could go home to receiving several offer.

having a holiday and going home is no longer a business in everyone's mind.

as soon as the exam is over, the identity of many people will change from "college students" to "interns".

although the difference is only two words, the world you see may be completely different.

this is an extremely difficult road.

tired intern.

if you used to be an intern like me, you will find that the yellow line on the subway waiting area during the evening rush hour will disappear because of crowding.

it's like a secret. Only people who get off work at this point every day can find it. Students who go out every now and then will never know.

the rule of going down first and then going up does not exist. As soon as the door opens, the two groups of people in and out can't wait to push each other.

the white-collar brother who finally squeezed out looks of high quality, but he still can't help swearing.

only after the subway door is re-closed will the yellow thread, which is flooded with a pair of business shoes, AJ and high heels, reappear scarred.

in the carriage, the girl in high heels was pushed, staggered two steps to stand firm, and finally squatted down in the corner.

people sitting next to them are all playing with their mobile phones without the slightest sign of pity.

and I have no time to take care of her. After all, it is sad enough to think of taking the bus back to school after getting off the subway.

repeat the same route numbly every day, take the bus, change to the subway twice, change to the bus again, and finally walk ten minutes to the office, which takes an hour and a half.

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this long mechanical journey makes people empty and confused.

I have also thought about fighting them. According to Ji Tang Wen's suggestion, recite words on the subway and look at kindle. It is said that it can make several times more progress than others in a year.

but in fact, the announcement of the subway station, the smell of sweat, and the vibrating carriages always interrupt me, making me unable to concentrate, let alone efficiency.

most of the time, I can only take out my mobile phone and browse Weibo, comforting myself that I care about current affairs may also be a kind of progress.

but all this was shattered by the sound of "insufficient balance" when brushing Yangcheng pass out of the gate. Want to take out Alipay to recharge, but also found that the flowers are also heavily in debt.

I remembered that at the beginning, I expected the internship to bring a little income to improve my life, but with a subsidy of 70 yuan a day, apart from eating and riding, there was little left.

sometimes you even have to eat one or two meals with an average of 70 or 80 per capita in order to encourage yourself to "stick to it."

during the internship, the state of body, mind and wallet probably fell to the lowest level in 20 years.

small intern.

A friend adhered to his ideal and became a trainee journalist and began a busy day with no salary and no contribution.

once ran an interview, because of her outstanding performance, the organizer gave her 200 press fees.

she was so happy that she came back and pretended to inadvertently mention it to the editor-in-chief, hoping to get some recognition.

the result was not only not praised, but also in exchange for an expressionless sentence, "then you call me Alipay, the account number is my phone number."

when she told me about it, she gritted her teeth and shouted that she would resign tomorrow and run away from the vampire.

but in retrospect, she still has to work for nothing when she wakes up, and even because the daily round trip fare is too high, she has become a professional bike-sharing professional.

like me, she also learned to comfort herself: "cycling is also good."

looking at the bulging muscles in her calves, I couldn't help trembling in my heart.

but I'm not much better off in the company than she is.

every time I want to know more about other aspects and want to participate in the planning of the project, I will be coldly blocked back by my seniors, leaving behind the sentence "just do your job."

what I mean by doing my job is browsing the popular and funny content on Weibo and then transporting it intact to that very low-reading official account.

even so, he is sometimes blamed for his superiors' lack of popularity in get, even though there are more than 5, 000 comments at the bottom of that joke.

also wanted to try to add new columns, but their predecessors thought that "that is not necessary".

even my colleagues thought I deserved to be poured cold water on me and said to me, "you're just an intern. Just prove it. Why are you doing so many things?"

many nights I ask myself, what on earth is the meaning of an internship?

useless intern.

because I'm an intern, they won't give me too much, probably because they think I can't do anything, or because they think I'll finish my internship and leave sooner or later.

because I am an intern, I will try every means to make a good impression, "easily" help my colleagues get the express delivery, actively clean up, and pretend to be full of energy to say hello to everyone every day. As a result, these trifles, which were originally easy to do, turned into tricks under deliberate whitewashing.

because I'm an intern, I never dare to get off work on time, even if it's been an hour. Only when you are sure that your predecessors have left, do you dare to rise carefully from your seats.

for many units, the role of interns is to run errands and share those who are meaningless.Righteous, trivial, but must be done by people.

so they pretend that the benefits and promises in the job postings are true, and then use "days to come" as an excuse for not fulfilling them.

and I pretend to be a hard-working intern, diligently do my part, and comfort myself with "experience is my own".

until that day on the off-duty bus, I saw Yuanxia cue me in the group and asked me, like Zepeng, to share this month's internship results with you.

as a result, I thought about eight stations, but I couldn't find any "harvest" worth talking about, so I had to lock my mobile phone screen as if I didn't see the group message.

I was in a trance at that time, and I don't know if it was because of that hour's drive or the problem in the group.

in a trance, I couldn't even hold on to my cell phone when I got out of the car. I fell directly on the asphalt road and the screen landed on the ground.

fortunately, only the edge of the toughened film is cracked and the inner screen is intact.

looking at the cracked toughened film, I finally decided to go back and cry and resign tomorrow.


after I resigned that day, I was idle for less than two days, and I couldn't help myself and found a new internship.

this time I went to a big company, with a special mentor, a mature system and a more professional level.

even the title of a tweet can be discussed all afternoon.

I can suddenly learn a lot of things, and every day my brain will be filled with new things to go home.

it's just that the new company is a little farther away from school, which increases my time on the road to two hours a day, which makes me a little more tired.

the subway is still crowded and still smells of sweat, but before you know it, it's all acceptable.

even this tiredness has become a kind of sense of security. It will stimulate me to keep asking myself if there is anything better today than I was yesterday, otherwise the fatigue I endure now is futile.

fortunately, the answer I get every day is yes.

now when I think of "what is the meaning of internship", I can finally answer myself confidently:

I want to get in touch with society in advance, I want to find a position suitable for me, and I want to have a little bit of capital to make a living before I really enter society.

then grit your teeth and go on.

you, too.

good night.