What if the freshman year is full of powerlessness?

What if the freshman year is full of powerlessness?
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now when I think about it, the answer is still hasty.


"your previous article on college students spending only 600 yuan a month, was it intentional or did you think so at first?"

"is it true that some authors have incorrect values?"

in many cases, it is difficult to tell whose values are corrected, and the only suggestion is:


"Why do you just write down some people's feelings and not tell others what to do?"

"since it's your own life, don't easily ask people, and don't easily tell others what you think you should do."

for example, you want to fall in love.

you asked one of your friends, Ah Bao, whether he wanted to chase that girl or not, and he replied, "Yes, you should fall in love more times in college."

do you know what you want?

do I know what I want?

have I tried my options?


in fact, people who are easy to ask such questions generally want to replicate the success of others.

and most successes cannot be replicated when your opponent is changing.

the reason is simple.

and in a place where competition is fierce and the environment changes greatly (such as new media, such as business), it also means that the overall environment is changing, and what is taught, when it really comes to your hands, has lost its benefits.

at the end of the day, you will find that no one can teach you the ability to succeed.

roughly means that there is no fixed form for military operations, just as there is no fixed form for the flow of water. Those who can change according to the situation of the enemy and take countermeasures to win are called using soldiers as gods.

the key to success is not an established policy that can be summarized, but irreducible creation, even when success and change come from accidents.

when you analyze enough cases with a neutral mind, you will find that there is no fundamental difference between experience and lessons.


"when the audience asked questions today, they found that those younger brothers and sisters didn't seem to think about what they could do, but were just obsessed with what to choose. After this sharing meeting, they felt that they had really grown up."

I've been trying to tell her not to worry about how your process works, but to think about what you're going to do and what you're going to do.

because I knew a very simple truth a long time ago: a person changes because he wants to change.

words really can't change a person. People change because they try to collide with the world.

Don't take so many psychological actions, taking the initiative can solve anxiety, which can also be said to be a victory to some extent.

good night.

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