What do girls think when they take selfies?

What do girls think when they take selfies?
Three pushes.

there is a coffee shop near the school, where I write once a week.

the coffee shop attracts a lot of beautiful little sisters because of its excellent decoration and ingenious location, while the little sisters attract me.

for a while, because the dormitory was too noisy, I went to the coffee shop every day to concentrate on my studies. During the rest time after study, I noticed that many little sisters picked up their cell phones and took selfies there all the time.

until I was tired, they still adjusted the angles of the phone with relish.

later, when I went to the library to study with my friends of the opposite sex, I always found that they began to take out their cell phones and take selfies happily in the middle of the books.

A friend told me that she took an hour and a half in the car to find a friend she hadn't seen for a long time, but she didn't eat delicious food or have fun. The two took hundreds of selfies in one afternoon and went back happily.

all kinds of phenomena make me wonder if there is a "selfie culture" in this world, so that people can be happy in a culture I don't know.

so I studied it for four months and experienced all kinds of secret visits before I wrote this article.

if you want to understand the abyss, it's not enough to stare, you have to be an abyss.

in order to thoroughly understand the "selfie culture", I downloaded several well-known selfie apps and even borrowed my sister's beauty phone to feel it in the most professional way.

Open the lens, click the lens to reverse, OK, there is a good-looking young man on the screen.

then I was silent for a minute in front of the screen. Feeling a little embarrassed, I touched my chin, decisively returned my phone to my sister, and announced that I had failed to enter the selfie circle.

to tell you the truth, I have never encountered such an incomprehensible natural phenomenon that every time I see a girl holding a mobile phone for dozens of minutes, I feel confused and admire.

but life is full of surprises and surprises.

one day I was studying alone in a rented house. In the middle of my study, I felt a little bored. I took out my cell phone and scratched it casually, and then entered a selfie app.

because of the angle problem, I was startled by my sudden face. I quickly adjusted the angle upward. Seeing the beautiful young man in the camera, I nodded with satisfaction.

then, some strange plug-ins under the selfie app caught my attention. After clicking on it, I saw that I suddenly changed from a bully image to a pink weakness.

I had a lot of fun with some of the functions that followed, and when I regained my consciousness, I suddenly realized that forty minutes had passed.

it was also from that day that I realized that the nature of selfies is probably entertainment for pastime.

Boys can't understand why girls can take hundreds of pictures of the same face, which reflects why girls can't understand why boys are obsessed with putting a ball in the basket.

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and basketball is because talent has meaning, and with culture, so is selfie.

through a large number of interviews and research, I found that selfies have indeed been excavated by human beings to have a deep meaning beyond photos.

@ you didn't laugh loudly enough to say, "I walked a long way with you without leaving a few photos as a souvenir. I'm afraid I forgot how cute I was at that time."

@ Li Xinghe's Wang Wang said, "if you can't afford it, you can only lie to yourself like this:)"

@ Chunfu-said, "after shooting and washing it, I put it into the photo album and picked it up and told my child how good I looked when I was young."

@ Miss Tintin 2017 said: "A selfie can make you more confident, like'I'm really good, really good, really good'."

@ TayStarlight said: "you should be careful and write well so as not to offend so many fairies."

of course, every culture is praised and criticized.

just as my parents don't like me playing basketball and suffering from all kinds of injuries, many people question the hypocrisy and unreality of selfie lovers.

although I haven't been able to get into the habit of taking selfies since then, I still think it's a bit serious to associate selfie, beauty and unreality. Assuming that selfie is an entertainment, the purpose of entertainment is just to be happy.

there is no need to tell me how to take an excessive selfie. As long as it is associated with excessive selfie, it will not be a good thing. For example, overwork, overstudy, overwork, the wrong is "excessive".

so all that matters is just being happy.

but in fact, the matter of taking selfies is more or less sad.

for example, @ Muyi said, "there is no one to help shoot, so it is self-sufficient."

for example, @ Yuanxia Sumi said, "because the person who took my picture is gone, I can only take a selfie."

of course, another is that the boyfriend's photo skills are ugly, so he has to clean his own gun.

when I think about it, I suddenly find that everyone who takes a selfie turns out to be a solo soldier.

good night.