We haven't been friends since the day you blocked me.

We haven't been friends since the day you blocked me.
Unilaterally break off diplomatic relations.

she said: "boring, a waste of time".

although there are many people in moments, if you browse for a long time, you may suddenly find that someone hasn't appeared for a long time.

this is how I found that A Zhong disappeared in the moments.

I was in the same dance team with her. At that time, I used to train and eat together. I was the kind of friend who had to go hand in hand even to go to the bathroom.

opportunity and time are magical things that can heat up feelings quickly and cool a relationship unwittingly.

although it is her freedom to post on moments, I am still a little lost.

in the face of old friends who do not have a circle of friends, it seems that they can only watch each other fade out of their lives.

she must have the same situation.

the change of friendship is always there. I have never doubted the identity of an old friend, nor do I intend to lose it easily just because there is only a weak connection left.

I asked, "how do you know?"

I am embarrassed to go on asking.

only in front of my eyes, she is a gray bar.

but I hesitated for a long time, but I clicked on her avatar and lit up the button "Don't let her see my moments" button.

after so long, it is enough to prove that I am boring and a waste of time to her.

after many people actually turn off their moments, in order to avoid misunderstanding, they will write in a sign: I really do not block you.

obviously they all know that , which we say is not important, is still very lethal.

if we hate someone, we will block and delete it directly. And this function is ingenious, especially for those who have to exist in Wechat.

then occasionally see Ah Zhong at school. I will be far away. Before she sees me, I will go another way, turn my head somewhere else, or keep my umbrella down.

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the discomfort of being shielded has been alleviated in such a tacit understanding.

from then on, we can no longer see each other and will no longer appear as idle people, adding burden to each other's lives.

soon, we will lose even that little false connection, and we will soon forget each other.

after all, we have deleted each other from the day we turned on the screen.

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