Trying to own a car may be just the beginning of adulthood.

Trying to own a car may be just the beginning of adulthood.
Then I'm still a minor.

We gradually began to break away from the shelter of our family, but after we took our feet, we found that we could not stand on our feet again.

for example, some time ago, when I was writing in the office, looking down through the window through the glass, there was always a bunch of decent cars parked, always catching our eyes.

Thorn joked more than once and said, why don't we crowdfunding to buy a car?

everyone is envious and sour at the same time. God knows how much boys of this age want to own a car of their own.

"what does a car mean to you at this age?"

@ in the far summer

when I was in junior high school, I most envied the boys who could drive a motorcycle.

that means you seem to be an adult.

but parents generally disagree with this. When the words sixteen and motorcycle appear together, the first reaction they can think of is "danger".

"it's a small thing to hit a car, but it's only fatal if you break it." As a result, I was severely scolded, "you stupid young people, you are not good at driving and love to run around, don't think about it."

until New Year's Eve when I was 18, my father suddenly threw me his car keys and said, "go and take your mother to buy some New year's goods."

he came over slowly and hit me on the head. Come on, I've seen you outside several times, and I want to lie to you.

this also means that in the eyes of my parents, I have broken away from the sign of "teenager".

I said that.

ask me: "what kind of car do you want to drive when you get your driver's license?"

he walked into the bedroom with a teacup and dropped the following sentence: "then take your time. Anyway, I won't buy it for you. At best, I can only lend you money and work hard."

also realized that teenagers' tags can be torn off by their parents.

trying to own a car may be just the beginning of adulthood.

"having a car doesn't mean growth."

our first car had better be earned by ourselves.

A friend in the town earns 4.4k a month and only gets 3.7k, but his family bought him a car without even getting a contract. He argued with his family before buying a car because he wanted mini, not SUV. His father didn't say anything, but said to him, "if you own a car, I'll buy you a mini."

so he accepted the black SUV. I asked his family why they were obsessed with the SUV. He said, "my father thinks the SUV is bigger and it will be more convenient for delivery in the future."

A little sighed.

but now I realize that if you don't work hard, even if a good car falls from the sky, you won't deserve it.

"it's good, at least to make important people comfortable."

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although it's over 20, it's still hard for me to associate "car" with "growth".

once when I went back to Dongguan, someone else came to pick me up. When I got out of the car an hour later, I suddenly felt some emotion.

to this day, I still think that it's really no big deal to have a car, but the time saved and the comfort gained are really something.

at that time, I thought it would be nice to have a car, at least to make important people comfortable.

it means growing up, having certain abilities, and being able to protect some important people.

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TNGA says: this is no big deal

in TNGA culture, the great thing has never been a car itself.

just like a car for young people, it is not only a means of transportation, but also a spiritual carrier for people, with the deepest wishes of different people.

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