Those young people who don't go home during the holiday.

Those young people who don't go home during the holiday.
Where will you be this Mid-Autumn Festival?

I remember that when I first entered college, everyone was happy every time I approached the holiday.

I am sure to skip class the next morning, even though the teachers have repeatedly ordered that they must finish the last class before they can leave, there are still countless people who try the law.

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at that time, a holiday meant going home, meaning long-lost happiness, and there was almost no other second option.

it's just that no one thought that this exit would come so fast.


either there is no reply, or it is politely rejected, and the luckier ones are ruthlessly brushed down after a round of interviews.

at this time, I finally understood what the brothers meant by "an English major in an ordinary university means no major".

"the holiday is coming soon, will you?"

"do you spell it that way? do HR have to have a rest on legal holidays?"

"all right, come on."

there is some tacit understanding that only people in the same situation will have.

because we all know that if we don't run faster, the first person to be inundated when the graduation wave comes is the person who thought he was a student the night before he stepped out of school.


run errands in the company during the day, make a human flesh printer, with a salary that can't be squeezed any lower, the most useful thing you can learn is how to shred paper.

when he returned to the dormitory in the evening, the monitor knocked on the door again, frowned and shouted, "Why didn't you come to class today?" Why hasn't the graduation registration form been handed in yet? If you don't give it to me tomorrow, you will bear the consequences! "

as soon as I boarded Wechat, I received a message from the instructor: "the topic of this paper is still not good, the direction is too broad, you can find it again."

it's troublesome, but you have to get your diploma.

looked at the calendar, opened the ticket purchase software, and found that the price of the National Day ticket has gone up again. It costs 600 yuan for a round trip, which is worth more than half the month's salary.

I heard that I could get three times the salary when I worked overtime on National Day. I remembered the credit card bill I received this morning, gritted my teeth and turned off the interface of app.

it is so extravagant that many people can no longer afford it.

I still remember that at this time last year, my mother called me and asked me if I would go home for the holiday.

A road that can be found with closed eyes, no subway, no IMAX, no CBD, young people's life is all about drinking and playing cards, and even opening a Starbucks can make news.

especially after seeing the outside world, I feel even more so.

"then there are only two people left between me and your father for the Mid-Autumn Festival." She said half-jokingly, as if testing something again.

after saying this, before my mother responded, I heard my father's faint voice on the loudspeaker opposite: "Oh, let him go. It's good for young people to walk more." .

but actually give me another chance to start all over again, I still won't choose to go home.

but in retrospect, I will still regret it, because in addition to going home, there are actually many ways to convey my wishes, and I just chose to get rid of it.

A hundred young people drifting outside have a hundred reasons why they don't want to go home.

but most of us know almost nothing about what our biological parents think.

after reading it, I found that there are thousands of kinds of children in the world, but most of the parents in the world are the same.

comes last.

is forgotten when you are happy.

this is almost like a spare tire.

but unsurprisingly, it wasn't long before everyone seemed to forget it again.

I don't know if you remember. At that time, we said in the article that we should be a little better for the spare tire that is always behind us.

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