Those college students who play social software

Those college students who play social software
In fact, what matters is not where, but who you meet.

as a typical skeptical personality, I always don't care about this kind of software. I just have a playful mind and just want to see the photos, and then I decide whether or not to download it.

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judging from the photos he uploaded, he is a handsome boy who likes to play the guitar and has a band at school, right next to me in the university.

We chatted for a long time that night, and he said that he couldn't be more ordinary. Like everyone around him, he gave most of the day to Arena of Valor. He also said he didn't like to expose himself.

he said, "maybe three or four hundred, but it's really hard to taste."

what he likes most is Li Zongsheng's "Song for himself", but every time he sings the sentence "I only know a long time together, I have never seen a long time together", he always encounters someone shouting, "three sixes, split me and fight back."

"I tried and finally got beat up." At the back of this sentence, he also sent a few funny and sad expressions.

I knew I should comfort him at this time, "what a pity", and I also had a few unhappy expressions.


I asked, "are all your stories true?"

I deleted him.


she is the longest person I have ever chatted with.

she said she was still in her second year of high school and was a wild little devil who did whatever she wanted.

she said, "Yes, how to fall in love with different genders."

We are all the kind of people who are willing to talk to strangers and soon open the chatterbox.

"she said start, she said end, I was responsible for wasting myself being delayed. She is the first to give me the cold shoulder, she is the one who is coming, but I am the one who is reluctant to give up. And now I'm begging her to find me to start over. "

knowing that I have lost my meal card and been swiped out of money,

listen to me about how difficult it is to have interpersonal relationships in a college community.

because we don't know the people around each other, we can speak without scruples.

it's just that with Wechat, we don't chat as often as we used to. At first, she would comment on each other's moments, and then her chat column sank in the list.

I was stupefied for a moment and commented on "bless you", but she replied in a second, "Thank you".

I tried to reply, but it showed


I immediately replied "No".

in my understanding, only when there is no direct competition and interest relationship, can I become a bosom friend most likely.

so when she said she was coming, my heart was filled with fear and unease.

I even hope that we can just stay in a situation where there is not much intersection or distance, and that we do not interfere with each other's life trajectory.


but in fact, whether on the Internet or in reality, some people are destined to be cancer in your life, while others are just a sneeze.

most relationships will not even be "keep in touch with friends" in a few months. We are just a relationship that is consumed and can not be recovered, remembering a few pieces of cigarette ash lying in the ashtray.

at least it makes me see one thing clearly- even if it puts on masks for people, it will eventually be taken off by ourselves.

but I also decided not to bet on it, because when you have experienced enough things, you will understand:

good night.

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