Those brothers and sisters who are disobedient

Those brothers and sisters who are disobedient
Independent spirit.

the whole article constantly emphasizes a bad word to the freshmen as a brother and sister: politeness.

"in college, the more important thing than study is to learn to be a man, especially to learn to be polite."

the other is a "polite" schoolmate who took the initiative to pour water and move stools when we swept the building to hand out leaflets, so he won the favor of various community departments and was scrambled for admission.

what is a privilege?

so they don't want "office workers", but clever and obedient "office workers".

"to be a man" is an illusory verb. No one can satisfy all other people's imaginations of themselves. If you please the minister who loves drinking today, you may meet customers who prefer sashimi tomorrow. You can never take care of everyone.

next, as a graduated brother, I would like to give you some useful advice that is more important than "being a human being". (including the ministers mentioned above, although I know you are angry at this moment)

when I first started writing, when I didn't even have a hundred readers, no less than 50 people asked me the same question: "what's the point of writing this kind of thing every day?"

Feng Tang's speech at Stanford gave ten reasons for his writing. the last one is "for immortality", which I understand as "to live". Because a person's death is death, only the words left behind can prove that he existed in this world and let him continue to "live".

so they will persevere, convince you with all kinds of well-founded examples, and even change their appearance, appear in the online world, in the classroom, or even in your home with different accents, and tirelessly ask you, "what's the point?"

but "obedience" is precisely the most worthless quality.

in fact, I was once broken, shouting in moments, saying "give up" and saying "never write again". As a result, I deleted that status in less than two hours, and went back to my computer for two days to continue writing, because I thought about tweets when I was reading, when I was listening to music, and when I was shopping with my girlfriend. Even though I know how painful it is to write, I know how much it brings me-a very small part of fame and fortune, and most of the happiness.

but even if you listen to my phrase "Don't listen to others" at this moment, the number of attacks you will face will not decrease once, because "being a teacher" is a shortcut for everyone to meet their self-realization needs.

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Article 2: do what you will do sooner or later.

the habit of most people is to use "days" as a unit of time to divide four years of college.

because of "play first today", our first three years of college were muddled, and our seniors worked so hard that they couldn't turn the situation around.

recently I was reading a book called the Fifteen years of Wanli. The book says that Emperor Wanli had a very low position in history because he did almost nothing during his reign, making no big mistakes or accomplishing many great things. He was like a puppet, constantly pulled by the ideology at that time, unable to move according to his own will. Because he didn't get what he wanted to do, he faced everything with a negative attitude at the end of his administration. Even if a senior official in an important position resigned, he was unwilling to find a new replacement, leaving that position vacant all the time.

Wanli had to face numerous "difficult choices" in his life, but finally chose "no choice". His example tells us that, in fact, we can become a living person precisely because we have made those "difficult choices", just as Lu Xun chose to study medicine and abandoned it.

so if we are not careful, we will fall into this infinite cycle of "simple choices".

and its difficulty increases over time, from "general difficulty" to "epic difficulty".

in fact, you can split "become a Director" (for example) into countless risk-free choices if you like.

in this case, you will find that difficult choices will become less difficult because of "disassembly".

most of the "difficult choices" are actually just "seemingly difficult".

wake up, you have more important things to do.

do you know the importance of the spirit of adventure to us?

after that night, we learned how to use fire, and we no longer drank blood like animals and became human beings.

the name itself is angular