The song he confessed to others was recommended by me.

The song he confessed to others was recommended by me.
I know you're upset, but what does it have to do with me?

some people will be surprised to say, "Why, I thought he liked who and who."

he yelled and then lowered his voice.

@ A Cha, female, asked me to indicate that she was 18 years old.

after the event, he took a group photo with A Cha's mobile phone. he ran over and said he wanted the photo and whether he could add a Wechat.

their first chat lasted until three o'clock in the morning.

all the friends around made fun of them, while Ah Cha repeatedly waved her hand and said no shyly, but in fact, for a while, she mistakenly thought she was going to be single.

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A Cha said yes, and then for half a month, the other party suddenly lost the news, and every time the song was pushed to him, there was no response.

this time he replied quickly, saying that he was sorry, but he was really busy.

"maybe it's just a chat," A Cha smiles. "chatting doesn't mean you like it."

@ Xiaobei, female, has been in love three times.

Last June, Xiaobei couldn't help mentioning the same person frequently in front of me, saying that he was stupid and afraid of the dark and heights, and that he was considerate and secretly remembered his birthday from somewhere, giving her a lot of surprises.

but to everyone's surprise, Xiao Bei refused the boy's confession.

later, someone scolded Xiao Bei scum, saying that she was actually enjoying the feeling of ambiguity. She still said the sentence: "once you get close to someone and end up not together, should you be condemned?"

I can't help asking, "but boys should be very sad, right?"

"Children get hurt in their feelings, and then ask each other why they don't protect themselves." This is what Xiao Bei summed up.

"are you asking me that again?" As soon as Lao Yi heard my question, his first reaction was funny and helpless.

"what do you want to ask this time?"

"Why didn't you end up together?"

"did she ever like me? Ha ha. "

after a pause, he added: "but now I'd rather believe that she liked it." If you comfort yourself in this way, you will feel better. "

this question silenced him for a long time. After smoking a cigarette, he laughed at himself.

"but it doesn't make sense to blame her for being single." It can only be said that I was still young at that time, , still young. "

you should also have seen those "I thought you would be together", "I thought he liked you", or experienced it yourself.

it's just that A Cha smiled and said indifferently, "but he's right. My life is none of his business."

good night.

Wang Zepeng

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