The process of emotional death.

The process of emotional death.

the cause of this is that my mother casually asked my father, "I heard you on the phone yesterday and said, is there any problem that can't be solved?"

my mother asked again, "Hmm?" What's the matter? "

my mother retorted angrily, "aren't I your wife?" Are you not even qualified to ask? "

that's a very hurtful remark.

then, because I can't help you solve the problem,

this sentence pushes the sense of alienation between two people to its peak, which means that our conversation must be valuable and meaningful.

my mother is introverted and silent, while my father is just the opposite. He is very open with everyone wherever he goes. With professional families and academic qualifications, they have been very different from the beginning.

but when they first fell in love, they seemed to ignore these differences, seeing each other every day and spending a lot of time together talking.

until Grandma and Grandpa came to see the guests off, Dad reluctantly got on the motorcycle and went home shivering in the night wind.

Xu Zhian has a song called "expression". In the theater version of this song, Xue Kaiqi said:

"I will keep asking you questions, and I want to open any topic."

the story told by this song is very interesting. It is called "facial expression" because the heroine of the story is a person who can't express herself and only uses emoji emoji to reply to the male main message. On the contrary, the man will talk a lot and write a lot of words to express himself.

on the contrary, when he fell in love, he said, "it doesn't matter, emoji can also replace the voice of the heart."

but later, he began to dislike the fact that the hostess would only reply to messages with facial expressions and became unwilling to chat with her. When he broke up, he said, "you are too perfunctory. We can't stay together."

in fact, she changed herself and took the initiative to ask him a lot of questions, trying to open up some topics and help him when he was unhappy.

this is the case a lot of times. We are very different from the beginning. We communicate like this all the time. I do not know why, now you will think that I can not help, will think that I am perfunctory, will find it boring to chat with me, and even do not want to stay with me.

even if I become more active later, you are still not satisfied.

even if I try to help you, you are still not satisfied.

it's not that those emojis are not warm, but that you don't feel warm anymore.

until later, we fell in love with someone, and we often scanned our emoticons on the whole page.

because he, whether he browses Weibo or talks about Wechat, as soon as he sees those interesting pictures and expressions, he subconsciously saves them and wants to send them to him.

to show off is to be used in a quarrel;

I have never thought that emojis can also be a "heart" thing.

so I found an interesting thing. Many relationships are probably such a process from beginning to death:

now I think, why are we so bored with emojis?

later, I listened to the song "expression" many times and liked the conversation between Xu Zhian and Xue Kaiqi very much.

Xue: "A lot of words begin to reappear in your WhatsApp, but what you write tells me that you are not the person you used to be."

Xue: "I just want to use a little emoji to remind you what we used to be."

but the result is that you think I am perfunctory, I think you have changed, no matter what you do.

it's just that they are all keenly aware that something has changed.

as Xue Kaiqi finally said