The 20th Anniversary of Kuaiben: I will stay with you until you no longer need me.

The 20th Anniversary of Kuaiben: I will stay with you until you no longer need me.
No one is always sixteen or seventeen, but there are always sixteen or seventeen.


in 1996, in Chinese mainland, TV and entertainment at that time basically had nothing to do with it.

the most popular programs are current affairs information, speeches by national leaders, and a small number of popular and professional TV dramas.

even advertisements are full of pig feed and agricultural chemical fertilizer.

that afternoon, Wei Wenbin, director of Hunan Radio and Television Bureau, said at the meeting:

"We should have our own variety entertainment programs."

the following people talk about him, saying that he is crazy, and if the boss is not happy, who can afford to reduce the crime.

"I can afford it." After a moment of silence, he finally made up his mind and spoke.

therefore, the program that stands out in pig feed is called "Happy Camp".


the host of the first issue is Li Xiang, an intern who was temporarily dragged over, and the male host is the serious Li Bing in the Evening News.

the painting style of the program at that time, although the beginning of the program was like "News broadcast" and the picture was like a gala, only three or four episodes were broadcast, and it attracted a large number of loyal viewers.

No one expected that this program would change the entire life track of Li Xiang, a maid-not only the traffic burden of Hunan TV Station, but also a well-known variety hostess throughout the country.

among the rare variety hosts at that time, Li Xiang was the second, and no one dared to be the first.

and that year, she was only 21.

with the popularity of the program, people gradually find that there is always something strange about the male host who partnered with Li Xiang.

although he has successively replaced Li Bing, Haibo, Zhao Baole, and Dai Jun, the experienced ones are too serious, the young and lively ones are not enough.

so that at that time the audience often made fun of "Li Xiang made of iron, a male partner of running water".

but Li Xiang knows that it can't go on like this. She alone will last for a while, not for a lifetime.

it is not as simple as people think to bring happiness to the audience.


in March 1998, Li Xiang was replaced by a skinny little male host.

he used to be the host of the children's show "windmill" Caterpillar. He just moved to Hunan TV station and took up this new job.

the moment he stood on the stage, the audience was obviously disappointed.

his thin body, thin appearance and voice are not as bright as the previous male host, and even the strong wind seems to blow him away.

did not expect that he looks thin, but his aura is extremely strong, and he can control the field max, whether it is a difficult game or the location of thousands of miles, he can handle it well.

because the style of the host fits well with Li Xiang, the two unwittingly become the strongest cp of variety shows in the mainland, playing the leading role of Kuaiben.

his name is he Jing.

in fact, compared with now, he Ying was so green that he was not as sophisticated as he is now, and he was too nervous before he took the stage for the first time. He rubbed his hands and said to Li Xiang:

"I have never been such a host. What if I screw up?"

at that moment, Li Xiang, who was also immature, looked like a big sister and was surprisingly calm. She just patted him on the shoulder and said:

"it doesn't matter, just follow me."

I didn't expect this to follow, that is, five years.


in 1999, he Yun brought in his good friend Li Weijia and formally established the "Iron Triangle" group in the base camp.

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looking back on the past few years of fast edition, they did two things that are still of far-reaching significance to this day.

the first thing is that the host tore up all the deskbooks;

the second thing is that the host always faces the camera and the audience.

the broadcast of "Happy Camp" once again broke the audience's perception:

the host no longer reads his lines properly in a tuxedo, they will go crazy, cry, laugh, interact with the audience, and play games together.

people finally understand that entertainment can be like this;

it turns out that TV programs can be directly related to the word "happy".

it turns out that watching TV can also be purely for entertainment, not for cultural edification and education.

it turns out that stars, like us, are also living people.

it is precisely because of this that Kuaiben has swept the whole of China, becoming not only the only program that can compete with CCTV's "Grand View of Variety", but also triggered a variety revolution in the national television industry.

and the people who did all this were all under the age of 25.

"I am here to give you pure happiness."


in 2004, Li Xiang decided to leave the happy base camp where he had stayed for 8 years and went to Beijing alone.

there were media reports at that time: in the last program, Li Xiang showed a trademark smile from beginning to end, but at the moment when she turned her back, the reporter found that she was secretly sad and crying.

at that time, variety shows across the country had begun to learn the mode of fast books, and fast books gradually reached a bottleneck period.

Li Xiang's withdrawal has become an unprecedented ordeal for fast books.

the live broadcast has to be changed to recording, and the audience rating drops rapidly.

even with the arrival of Xie Na, it will not reverse the declining trend that has been going downwards all the time. Even he Jiong once thought that if not, it would be better to find another way out.

and long Mei, the newly appointed producer at that time, told he Jing after the regular meeting: "hold on."Oh, there will be a way. "

when she went back that night, she made a decision:

give up the star entertainment route of housekeeping and turn it into the entertainment of ordinary people, turning the fast book into a program of "people with characteristics".

in order to turn the tide, in 2005, Mango announced that there would be a host competition, and the audience would decide whether he Jie, Li Weijia and Xie Na would stay or not, which ignited a wave of small and wonderful parts.

later, many ordinary people with characteristics were invited to the stage, so much so that a large number of stars went to the program group and asked the director to invite him to the show as "ordinary people".

after a series of efforts, the ratings of "Express" have been rising again and again, and even become the only non-CCTV program among the top 10 ratings in the country.

it was also at that time that du Haitao and Wu Xin, the champions and runners-up of the "shining New Anchor" competition, officially joined the fast edition.

the "Happy Family" was finally established and began to smoke powder crazily.

but no one knows that it often takes a whole day for a program to be recorded, with an hour left in the final editing.

they all said that the first few hours of recording were very happy, but the next few hours were full of suffering.

No one knows, because Xie Na went back to the dressing room after standing for a long time, often unable to eat a bowl of instant noodles.

I can only sit there crying and rubbing my sore waist and feet.

No one knows that Li Weijia is afraid of heights, but she still often needs to hang Weiya on the show.

the frightened expression in mid-air is really not faked for the effect of the program.

No one really knows that the happiness brought by happy families hides their countless sorrows and tears.


in the twinkling of an eye, the program "Happy Camp" has been on the air for a full 20 years.

those five young people in their twenties were all in their thirties and forties.

even we have gradually stopped keeping an eye on variety-because there are more important things waiting for us to take on, like work, family, and all kinds of responsibilities.

but this does not mean that the happiness it has brought us is non-existent.

remember that the planner of Fast Ben once said:

"if you no longer look at Happy Camp and think it is not as good-looking as it used to be, it just means that you have grown up and are no longer in our audience, that's all."

there will be a day when we don't need "fast books", but there will always be people who are 16 or 17 years old and need to draw some strength from them.

that's why, no matter how hard it is, they stick to it.

that's why countless variety shows have come and gone over the years, but only they can survive for 20 years.

and these happiness and strength, in addition to the efforts of the program group itself, but also the support of other brands.

for example, in the 20th anniversary special, TCL, who has been accompanying the fast edition, also brought the slogen of "creativity moves Life" to celebrate their birthday and give their audience a gift.

on Weibo, TCL evoked a wave of "memories" of the 20th anniversary of the fast version, and also let three lucky people take away the TCL smart TV.


when I wrote down the course of the fast edition, I suddenly felt that it was also very disorganized.

it's just that fast books are committed to bringing happiness to the audience;

and we, however, try to tell you that we can lie down and cry with you.

I remember that in the fast edition, I mentioned a sentence more than once: "Happiness is more than one person's business."

and I want to say, here, your sadness is not just your business.

I know that one day, everyone will become mature and need less and less.

but the moment you leave, please remember:

there is a group of people who brought you happiness;

there are also a group of people who accompany you through those pains.

good night.