Single, no one to like.

Single, no one to like.
I can't find a reason to be with anyone.

then he asked me curiously, " what's it like not having someone you like?" "

so I interviewed some friends who said I didn't have the right person and asked them a few questions.

"maybe my interest is strange. I like to keep reptile pets, such as spiders and geckos. A lot of guys can't handle it, I think. "

"this is not the only interest I had last year."

". You shut up. "

"I don't think you can ask this question like that."

"the premise of getting out of an order is two people, and it is not controlled by myself. So you can't ask me to analyze this problem by myself, which takes two people to solve. You should ask me why the previous confession was not successful and the like, blabla

@ Xiao K, female, single for 20 years.

"haven't you met anyone who likes a little bit in 20 years?"

"but it's strange," she tilted her head. "if the conditions you like are really so harsh, then you want to live or die, why are there so many people breaking up?"

@ technician, season: " won't cheat teammates when playing games. "

@ A Qing, female, single for 18 days.

@ Lao Guang, male, single for 1 year.

after a pause, he added, as if remembering something, "the only difference is that if you like someone, you can be abandoned, like something, and you can only abandon it yourself."

@ A: "when I went on a trip, no one took care of the little spider for me."

@ A Qing: "No."

"because of him, I was ready to come out with my parents. That is the courage that I finally plucked up, it always seems like this, some people will confiscate this courage, and then slow to give it back to you. That's probably the downside I can think of right now. "

@ cute girl, Xiao k: "I like it, but I also want to get out of it, because I'm really curious about the life-and-death feeling of love in people's mouth." Although I always thought it was a hoax. "

@ season: "I still don't think you can ask this question like that."

"whether a person likes his life or not is not determined by his state, but by his state of mind. Both single and single life are liked and hated by some people, and as far as I am concerned, I think I am in a good state. "

he was stupefied for a moment and whispered that it was impossible.

they have been together for six years, and since then, he has become more and more fond of emphasizing in front of me that he enjoys his life alone.

but his first dodge just now made me feel that four years later, he still seemed unwilling.

@ reptile breeder, A: " some stupid people will point fingers at your single life. I won't tell you never mind. I suggest you go back." "

@ cute girl, Xiao K:" if you can't eat the second cup at half price, you can call me. "

paused, he added: "even if I really like it, I only like it to 99%." The last 1% is used to like one's life in the future. "

but there are really people in life who look at single dogs with distressed eyes as if they have committed some crime.

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in the interview or by your side, you will find that very few people are unhappy about being "single", as outsiders say.

some people say, "because you don't have the right person, you can like yourself better."

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