People who are not suitable for falling in love.

People who are not suitable for falling in love.
There's nothing here.

it's not because there are people you don't like, it's not because of past experience, it's not because you're ugly.

"people who can't even take care of themselves can't take care of others."

there have been several people who have come into my life, and I have always kept my distance, waving my hand and saying to those people, " come on, there's nothing here." "

Life is back to a safe and steady person.

at that time, she was scolded by the person in charge for her work, and she was silent in the group. I guess she was upset and ran to comfort her: "he speaks bluntly, don't take it to heart, don't be sad."

I look at the phone screen and don't know how to reply.

turn off the phone screen and lie on the bed. I pretended not to know about it and didn't reply a word. It's just that at that time, there was a feeling that she was also the kind of person who "couldn't take good care of herself, but also liked to say that she was fine."

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those who are not suitable for falling in love are so troublesome.

in the face of these unacceptable shortcomings, she always says that she has long been used to it, and smiles that she is "smart and obedient and not clingy".

once she had a toothache and didn't want to tell me directly, so she posted it on moments and inadvertently mentioned it in the group. And I was slow and stupid not to realize her discomfort.

she didn't speak. I thought it was over.

I looked at the manuscript, smiled and shook my head.

at that time, many people asked me if I liked her. I always smiled and said nothing. In fact, I still do not understand, a person who can not even take good care of himself, how to like a person fair and square.

so I stayed in my life, but from time to time, curiously, looked into her life.

I, who was still browsing Weibo after saying good night, was suddenly touched.

like, "although I can't even take care of myself, I still want to take care of you."

so when I saw everyone, I was afraid of dragging each other down.

later, people always set the standard of intimate relationship so high that every time a star got married or got married, he always told me that when you fall in love, you should find such a person.

so whenever someone is snooping outside the door, afraid of other people's disappointment, I always like to say, come on, there's nothing here.

like the last scene in the song, the man finally walked in and said, "nothing, I just want to give you this rose."

it turns out that from the beginning, he has never given up on your troubles; it turns out that from the beginning, he just wants to share what he likes with you.

some people are in real trouble

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