Love is a battle between people and selfishness.

Love is a battle between people and selfishness.
love you.

so far, there have been five relationships.

the love period usually lasts only three months, then there is constant friction, life becomes more and more boring, and in the end, I don't bother to quarrel, so I break up.

the unfinished game on his mobile phone during a date

she says that you are too old to grow up, and you dislike her more and more;

the moment two people are together, it is like fetching a bucket of water, deducting a point, and scooping out a spoonful of water. After the water has been spilled, the bucket is useless.

this also seems to be a love template that most couples can't escape.

and to be honest, I am not a very patient person. Even with eel whales, there are often conflicts.

Guaranteed quality, affordable price, quick shipping, impeccable customer service, not enough just for a fairy prom dress? Why don’t you pick the cheap but high quality dress?

past experience has made me feel that I am a person who doesn't know how to love.

the 4th of this month is my birthday, just the day after the thorns.

after the game task, I was smuggled to the ktv box full of flower balloons at night, ate a big cake, had a birthday party, and received everyone's blessing.

the next night, Zepeng and I went to the Internet bar to eat chicken. When we got home at 12:00, we couldn't knock on the door. It took a while before the door was quietly opened.

you have a very nice smile.

as a result, she put her cell phone in front of me again, with information on my flight to Yunnan on my birthday.

people in moments are not stingy with likes and blessings, but no one knows how many times we have quarreled over trifles this week.

the precious thing is that in the daily process of reducing points, some people are willing to take great pains to add a basin of water to the bucket.

but I have no intention of blaming anyone, because I have long known that people are selfish, even for lovers.

so you hide some, I cover a little, and gradually refrigerate your love and thoughts. So most lovers' feelings can only be broken halfway.

as a result, the night of the birthday party refreshed my cognition.

one said, "I want to go home and never set foot in this room again."

made a scene for most of the day, but as a result, those who said they would not stop her ran out, and those who said they would never come back opened the door and came in smiling.

it suddenly dawned on me that no matter how good the relationship is, reducing points in front of trivial life is an inevitable thing.

Love is like financial management. Patience saves money, and extra points are income.

without saving money, Jinshan and Yinshan have to be squandered and tired.

only in this way can we escape the written breakup template.

what I am most grateful for is not a surprise or a gift, but that she let me know what it's like to be loved and why.

just like the lyrics of Lin Yoga: "how can you be sad for him if you are not happy?"

when it comes to feelings, they just know what they are, don't know why, and all they do is just a mistake.

many people sanctify love, as if life will change for the better once they fall in love.

the wallet will shrink, freedom will be lost, and there is no way to live a natural and comfortable life.

only when you win can you bring back happiness.

without this kind of consciousness, it would be better to be single and happy.

I wish you happiness.

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