Later, Wechat was at the top, leaving only group chat.

Later, Wechat was at the top, leaving only group chat.
The other side of freedom is what students call loneliness.

during military training, he always did not take the initiative to contact his family, but he gave me a call. After talking for half an hour, I didn't say anything special, but I just talked about some trivial everyday things.

@ Amay female freshman business English major

she took a sip of milk tea, nodded and said, "after all, it's a new environment, and don't you think it's harder to find friends you can talk to?" I think everyone can do it more or less, anyway, many of my friends are. "

"in the past, very few people talked in group chat, but after college, group chat was much more lively than private chat."

"it's like finding a sense of belonging in a group chat," she said, taking a sip of milk tea. "sometimes she finds that there is only a group chat left in her own top.

she smiled and asked me, "what can I do if I'm not used to it?"

"alone?" It seems that the word is too hypocritical, he secretly changed the concept, "actually, it's okay, but sometimes I feel bored."

he squinted and thought, then shook his head and said, "so, it doesn't seem to make any difference." Anyway, they are all in a state of emptiness, and they all want someone to accompany them, or something to do. "

the only difference is that boredom doesn't sound so hypocritical. you can tell people you're bored, but you won't say you're lonely, because that's so weird. "

I tilted my neck and never said anything again.

he said with a wry smile, "only freshmen and sophomores can have time to be alone, right?"

the whole week is full, and on Saturday, there are things to be done from morning till night, busy with the presidium of the student union, busy with studio projects, busy with their own off-campus games.

"so do you think the opposite of loneliness is busy?"

"actually, I think it's good to be busy, but sometimes I'm really busy, and many times my roommates ask me to gang up."

"over time, even if I am free, they will not count me as a gang up." But I don't feel very sad, because I think it's just a shallow surface loneliness. "

"the surface loneliness is given to you by others, and the deep loneliness is given to yourself." The surface loneliness is often just unadaptable or unsociable, but the deep loneliness is confusion. You don't know what you're doing. That's the worst part. "

"after all, if you're busy, you don't think so much."

later, when chatting with his brother who had graduated, he said with some emotion, "A person, this kind of thing is very common even after graduation." it's just that unlike when we were students, we have gradually accepted this state. "

I listened to it in a trance. It turns out that the freedom of mind and thought when I was a child will become like this when I grow up.

"this is always the case, and everyone will get used to those who are not used to it."

but the first thing I learn in adulthood seems to be to say to all the unaccustomed ones:

good night.

if you like, listen to me not talking.

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