It's great to be able to stay up late

It's great to be able to stay up late
I won't say good night.

at that time, Zepeng replied to her for me, saying that I was the kind of person who became happier the more night I went.

when I stayed up late, everyone around me knew it, and even it became a label for me at one time. They will shout loudly at my bedtime and seriously persuade me not to cultivate immortals.

and I'm sure there must be someone like me who, at some special moment, is the kind of person who "gets happier the more night he or she goes."

someone said to me a long time ago: "everyone says'I like you'in different ways."

finally he asked me, "what about you?" What's your'I like you 'like? "

as I wrote before, there was a time when I often talked to a boy and occasionally flirted with each other. Later, my gums were inflamed, and I stayed up late to catch fire, and the root of my tongue and throat began to hurt, but I waited until two or three o'clock before going to bed.

recently I was ill again, and he said conventionally, "Don't stay up late if you are ill."

with that, I sent another meme, laughing and boasting that I really know how to flirt.

sometimes, you are deliberately prolonging the day.

during the summer vacation of my freshman year, I stayed at home all day, got up at noon, stayed for a while after lunch, unwittingly in the evening, watched TV after dinner, and almost went to bed again.

I always feel that time should not live like this, but this kind of life is so comfortable that it is troublesome to find a way to jump out. So I tortured myself again and again every day in physical comfort and inner unease.

spreading a strong sense of guilt over a longer period of time is like a dilution process. It seems that the boring today will not pass so easily, and the boring tomorrow will not come so soon.

wander around the moments late at night, only to find that we are all the same.

during the day, he was obviously doing well, in his early twenties, studying in college and playing photography clubs, and he had a lot of friends. At first I thought he was hypocritical and always added drama to himself, and every time he slipped into his circle of friends, he felt contemptuous.

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later, I began to like watching moments late at night, and occasionally posted one or two. In the early morning moments, I received only a few comments and likes, but I look forward to it every time I click on it.

those moments in the early hours of the morning, the meaning of giving likes seems to be different, as if someone said to you, "Oh, I am also frustrated by these things, let's cheer together."

I remember that when I was a child, the old people in the family went to bed early and began to go to bed at eight or nine o'clock. Therefore, early to bed and early to rise has always been the exclusive property of the elderly in my subconscious. Later, when I meet some young people who have a regular schedule, I will also "laugh" at them for living a life of old people.

before he met me, he also lived an "old age life", and it was really warm at that moment. People who feel that they stay up late are actually trying to change something.

for example, want to jump out of the disgruntled status quo;

in short, the more night you spend on these things, the happier you are, and the more powerful you are.

it is obvious that many of them are used to staying up late, probably because at that time everyone was so busy that was overwhelmed by life and work.

but I still think it's a good thing to be able to stay up late.

good night.