If you can live well every day, who needs a sense of etiquette.

If you can live well every day, who needs a sense of etiquette.
I don't want to live exactly the same every day.

my birthday is in early October, the fourth day of the National Day holiday.

usually at school, as long as whose birthday is disclosed in advance, there will be a pile of wishes and gifts on the desk, and a wave of birthday songs will be sung around before class.

No birthday songs, no gifts, few people remember, there is no sense of ritual.

the day before the holiday, she took out a copy of Wang Xiaobo's Silent majority from her schoolbag. Nunu said to me, "here's your birthday present in advance."

when I think about it later, in fact, my relationship with her is not that good.

and the sense of ritual just means that this day is a little different from usual.

it's boring to think about living like this for 80 years.

when I think of a couple around me, I often have conflicts because of this kind of thing.

it so happens that girls attach importance to these things, so they look at them together for more than a year, and every holiday is like a robbery.

after listening to this, Lao Gao opened the takeout app, ordered two bento boxes, and then continued to watch movies on the sofa.

after Lao Gao came to tell me this that night, he angrily sent out a string of beaded shells: "is the holiday so important?" Isn't it all the marketing of merchants? What is the fun of learning from others? Why is everyone required to have a holiday concept? "

after listening to my answer, he seemed to have found his comrade-in-arms and complained more justifiably.

he was stunned for a moment, as if he didn't hear clearly, and asked again.

before long, he suddenly stood up, turned to say goodbye, and galloped back.

but in fact, anniversaries and festivals are more of an "excuse" to ask for a sense of ceremony on this day.

you can only get something to look forward to by looking forward to the holidays.

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when I was a child, I lived at Grandma's house for a while, because the yard was spacious enough, Grandpa had a dog, Grandma had a cat, and I had two chicks.

over time, the two of them gradually became acquainted with me, and as soon as I stepped into the courtyard gate, they began to come to me step by step.

it was not until dark that the watchdog, called Laifu, was found to have a trace of blood on his mouth and feet.

that night, I wrapped the crushed bones of chickens in paper, ran to a piece of land outside the house, dug a hole, buried them, found an unnamed plant on the grave, sat aside and began to shed tears.

but I won't obey. Anyone who comes and tries to pull me away by force will cry even harder and won't be touched.

when I am lovelorn when I grow up, I must drink up a bottle of wine, be sad while drinking, and then go to sleep in a daze. I am reminding myself that I can't be trapped by love.

sometimes I go to the playground for a run, one lap after another, until my thighs are filled with lactic acid and the sweat is evaporated. doesn't feel that all the troubles in the body are excreted.

if every day can be as romantic as Valentine's Day and spoiled like a princess;

maybe we will stop being so obsessed with the "sense of ritual".

all we can do is to expect, and then with this expectation, to live hard.

in those rare anniversaries;

in every moment of being aggrieved;

the sense of ritual needs to be carried, maybe it's a romantic date, maybe it's a well-prepared breakfast, or it's just sweat that has been spilled.

it perfectly interprets "different". It is not only different from other wines in products, but also gives people a unique experience in life.

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