If there is something in paradise, there is nothing to do.

If there is something in paradise, there is nothing to do.
Because of your word, I've been waiting till now.

the day before yesterday was the finale of Apostles 2.

in addition to the heartthrob Zhou Baihao, there is also a man who went unnoticed at first, Xu Heaven.

every time Le Shao had a shootout, he was worried about him. When Le Shao was beaten by parkey because of his opposition, I even scolded parkey, and as a result, he was scolded to death.

always feel that Ah Mui is too much like us.

when confessing, Ah Mui first tested Le Shao and said, "someone is chasing me."

seeing Le Shao did not respond, Ah Mui added, "but I told him that I already have someone I like." I told him that the person I like is tall and handsome, and he likes to wear black clothes.

at this time, Ah Mui's heart was in her throat, but Coke still didn't make a statement. in order to ease the embarrassment, Ah Mui had to say, "I just got paid and went to eat midnight snacks."

although the person chasing Ah Mui at that time was not Xu Heaven, I also knew that Ah Mui liked boys dressed in black.

clothes are not the point, but this detail tells us that it is not because I like black clothes, so I like you, just because it is you, so black clothes make me most satisfied.

Zhou Baihao has a song called "running Dog", which begins by saying:

"I expect to dress as if it suits you."

I even deliberately chose your favorite clothes, just to look better with you.

Ah Mui wants Le Shao to go to Temple Street to see her mother perform and meet her by the way.

did not think about it, but Le Shao's answer is, "I am not you, it is not very convenient to see your family."

she said, "more than that, of course, you want to save me if you don't want your own life, you worry about me, I give you a helmet, you bring it, and you smile at me all the time."

he didn't refuse my gift, he just liked me.

Varying from from the daring to the demure, our poofy prom dresses are surely your essentials. Shop now at prices that will make your jaw drop.

but the answer is clearly, "if I did something to make you misunderstand, I apologize to you."

as I once said, some people really don't have to show up if they don't show up at this moment.

this has always been the case.

Xu Tiantang knew that she didn't have a chance to see her mother, so she had to print up-to-date pop music for her mother in advance.

in fact, he has memorized the number of the florist and is ready to order flowers for Ah Mui's mother.

but there are some people I also know, as long as you call his name, he will come over and tell you, "I'm here".

she said, "I wait for him is my business, you are who I am, why care about me, don't get in my way."

Don't forget that there is another sentence in running Dog that reveals the truth, "my tenderness is not what you ask for at all."

Cantonese singing circles often say, "Men don't listen to running dogs and women don't listen to Zhong Wuyan." in fact, there are allusions.

whenever the country is threatened or has a war, King Xuan of Qi will consult Zhong Wuyan every day to discuss state affairs. And when the war is won, he will continue to run to Xia Yingchun.

if you change to "Apostle 2", it becomes, "something is paradise, but there is nothing to be happy."

although I often say that some people, when they appear at that moment, they may really "show up".

because those who don't show up, he's there, that's where he is.

even if I: "spoil you so much that I work so hard that I lose my blood, knowing that my selling is all to cater to your ugliness to the unknown"

the reality is that we were both Zheng Shumei and Xu Heaven.

Music | running dog-Zhou Baihao (live)

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