I just don't like hypocrisy.

I just don't like hypocrisy.
The more you like it, the more you will lose it.

is there such a person around you?

their ability to digest emotions seems to be very powerful. No matter what happens, you can "forget" in a few days.

those who are lovelorn can find new lovers;

those who lose their hearts can buy new ones; and

those whose ideals are disillusioned can accept reality with peace of mind.

they are not very hypocritical and do not always bring up the past over and over again, so they are not painful.

some people envy such people, while others think they are heartless.

the story told tonight is about people who are "never hypocritical".

almost two years ago, I had a dog.

in general aesthetic terms, he is ugly.

is not a breed that can be named, or a short string of local dogs and wild dogs; the overall coat is black, and some impure yellow hairs can be seen vaguely in some places; small eyes, taking pictures in bad light, almost blend with the black all over and disappear.

because of his size and color, when I saw him lying on the ground from a distance at first, I couldn't help but imagine that he was a giant mouse.

the most funny thing is that the structure of his mouth is different from that of other dogs. Even if he keeps his mouth shut, his teeth are leaking. In this way, as long as he looks up at you, it will always be a giggle.

his parents gave him a rather corny name, "Xiao Hei".

although he is ugly and funny, from the first day he came into my life, I regarded all of the above as his special, other dogs did not have special.

you all have lovely dogs, strong dogs;

and I have a smiling dog.

"I think he's good, he's all right."

it's a pity that many things cannot be sustained by liking alone.

I like something a little ethereal, and in real life, there are more real things such as time, money, patience and environment.

in order to take care of Xiao Hei, I try to clear a large area in the narrow dormitory; spend a lot of time taking him far away from the school for injections and showers;

live frugally and share half of his living expenses;

then came the exam week. For some reason, he started barking in the middle of the night. I kept getting up to see him, but after a while he started barking again.

roommates are becoming more and more dissatisfied and complaining. I had no choice but to send him home.

after that, my father fell ill in hospital, and my mother had no choice but to put him in foster care with his aunt.

A few days later, my mother told me on the phone that Blackie was lost.

I knew it, like it was meant to be.

from small to big, the more you like it, the more you will lose it.

later, as long as someone mentions Blackie in my moments.

I told them that he was lost.

they asked me why in surprise.

so I told them the reason, how sad I was and how sorry I was, over and over again.

then they responded to my two hug expressions.

after a lot of times, I find that I don't know what to say about being sad.

because I always feel sad over and over again, but few people really care about how things happen, and even less care about what I think and what kind of sadness I am expressing.

most of the time, that hug expression is all they can give me.

some people may think that I won't be too sad to lose such an ugly dog;

some people may think that I really care about him and won't put him in someone else's home;

in short, I decided never to talk to anyone about it again.

until recently, a yellow and white string appeared in my moments.

I am happy again because of a dog.

he is cuter than Blackie. In moments, he is more likeable than Blackie.

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but after a few days, someone commented:

"Hey, Xiao Hei is so pathetic."

"have you forgotten Blackie?"

these kind reminders seem to laugh at me,