I didn't get into the ideal university either.

I didn't get into the ideal university either.
What is the most important ability of a university?

I have wanted to write this article for a long time.

my brother finished the college entrance examination this year. When the admission notice came out, he missed the university he thought he could go to, and finally went to a school he didn't like very much.

but maybe after a semester has passed, I find that I haven't learned anything. So these days there have been people on Weibo and Wechat, asking me what is the most important thing in college-whether to improve myself, to do what I like, or to go to a good university and go to a good platform.

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these things prompted me to write this article tonight, which is a bit long. I'll show it to you and to my brother.


before we know what is most important to college, we should know what is the last thing a university needs.

the last thing you need in college is planning.

sounds a little hard to understand, doesn't it?

before I went to college, I made a schedule for myself, which said, I studied xx coding language as a freshman, worked as an intern at xx in my sophomore year, won a xx scholarship in three years, and reached the pinnacle of my life when I graduated as a senior.

including the beginning of freshman year, the school is required to write a career plan.

now that I have only one year left in college, I am supposed to be a bald programmer, but now I am a decadent editor.

I haven't fulfilled any of my plans in the past three years.

it's not because I'm lazy, it's not because I'm not serious, but because I find that the plan I made at the age of 18 doesn't apply when I'm 19.

what I thought was right when I was 18, I didn't think it was right when I was 19.

University is a period of crazy reconstruction of the three values. When people change, the same plan becomes a drag.

and if you have a certain plan that can still be used in your senior year, it can only mean one thing: you haven't made any progress in the past four years.


if you really want to make your college life a little better, my first advice is to abandon the plan that everyone has made for you.

you have been going according to plan for many years, what three-year high school entrance examination two-year simulation, what five-year college entrance examination three-year simulation, you obediently came according to the plan, did not see how wonderful your life in the first 12 years.

so, what is the most important thing in college?

my answer is the courage to create accidents.

A lot of people say to do what they like best and to be with the person they like best. But people who say these words are often because they can't find something they like or meet someone they don't like.

12 years of education has actually taken away the ability of many of us to like it from the bottom of our hearts.

because the things we come into contact with are so monotonous and boring that apart from our parents, teachers and classmates, only Wang Hou-hsiung and Xue Jinxing have the most contact.

this boredom and monotony makes us afraid to touch something.

when you see a member of the opposite sex you like on the way, you dare not say hello.

you have a good idea, but you are afraid to express it because you don't have a standard answer.

what I think is fun, but I dare not try it because it is something unplanned.

so my second piece of advice is to find the courage to create accidents, to experience things you hate, to experience things you fear.

because only in this way can you know what you really like and what you are really good at.


Why are good platforms, good technology, and good knowledge less important than accidents?

because all the former can be obtained by hard work.

problems that can be solved by hard work are not problems.

because as long as you have time, as long as you are tough enough, you can always get it.

to tell you a funny thing, two years ago, a very straight friend of mine complained by his girlfriend that he didn't know how to give gifts, and then he began to study all kinds of cosmetics in order to prove that he could do it.

later, he actually relied on his previous art foundation, from scoffing at cosmetics to falling in love with all kinds of beauty makeup, basic makeup, Korean makeup, naked makeup, smoke and makeup, and now he is a small Internet celebrity with tens of thousands of fans. Advertising can travel to a city a month.

this sounds like a funny thing, but he said very seriously:

"I almost took the art exam before, but my family always opposed it. Later found that beauty makeup is actually a test of the understanding of the color of light and shadow, I like it, and it can be regarded as a tortuous way out. "

the unexpected cost of a university is very low. You have a lot of time and energy. Through countless accidents, you can find new opportunities and build a new understanding of the world.

these perceptions will be all the basis for your later judgment, you will have a clearer understanding of your life, and clarity means not being confused.


there are good and bad accidents, for example, my brother missed school.

I have also seen a lot of people who cannot be admitted to their favorite schools and majors, so they feel dark in front of them.

this phenomenon is a sign that cognition is not keeping up.

you have not been to this school, nor have you really studied this major. You think it is something you like, but in fact, what you like is only the evaluation of it by the outside world, which is not true.

of course, more people are sad because they think it's a pity and bad luck.

and this is what I told my brother: "there are no mistakes in our voluntary filling, it's not a pity that we can't do it, and it's not unlucky at all. This is your strength."

We always misjudge our strength, and when there is a gap between reality and expectation, this willIt is the first cognitive "accident" we encounter passively.

what you need to do is not to feel inferior and give up, but to recognize the accident and realize that you are not as good as you think.

some people can't get into the ideal school, thinking that it's over. Some people can not be admitted to the ideal school, and what they have in mind is to work harder in the future.

so don't be sad, don't be afraid, you will encounter a lot of unpleasant accidents, but accept it, then continue to look for new accidents and breakthroughs, and have an interesting college life.

good night.