I can't find a job even if I get a scholarship.

I can't find a job even if I get a scholarship.
It takes money, time and emotion to find a job.

September is a time for many companies to rob people, and it is also a time for many people to rob companies. Many Internet companies have started lectures, while Internet giants such as Tencent NetEase have conducted several rounds of interviews.

I met a graduate student from Peking University during the interview. I was brushed in the morning in Shenzhen, and I took the high-speed train to the second one in Guangzhou in the afternoon. After the interview, I bought a suit of clothes nearby, rubbed my face and prepared for the next day's interview.

but even if everyone works so hard and stays in front of their mobile phones every day, there is no offer notice. On the contrary, the moments are full of all kinds of jokes that they are accustomed to.

then rush to catch up with the next interview and deliver the next resume.

I met her only when I was in college.

it's great to be able to do things you don't like.

in some companies, interviews are arranged at nine o'clock in the morning. Because the school is relatively remote, she often gets up at more than six o'clock in the morning in September to catch the subway and go to the group interview.

when introducing himself, the left hand said that he was a graduate student of a certain 985 university, and the right hand said that he had just returned from studying abroad. Even the little sister who looked harmless opposite said that she had got NetEase's offer.

not long after the group interview began, she found that there was a big gap between herself and the interns. If someone hadn't finally asked her if she had any other opinions, she probably wouldn't have said a word.

she said: "when I was looking for a job, I found out that I had nothing but that little scholarship."

I had a few pleasantries and asked her how the interview went.

she laughed and said, "probably cannon fodder again. I didn't say a few words."

I said no in an exaggerated tone, you are a scholarship person.

maybe this sentence reminded her of something, and she suddenly quieted down and was in a daze.

during lunch, the results of her interview came out, but she still failed.


she said this in the form of a joke, but after she said it, she couldn't help saying, "it seems that everyone has found a job, but I haven't found it yet."

she was silent again without warning, as if she would do so every time she mentioned her grades.

"you know, on the contrary, I envy people with low grades."

I said, "it always feels like high achiever is under a lot of pressure when looking for a job."

after thinking about it, I asked, "actually, what is your biggest difficulty in so many years?" Is this the time to find a job? " He nodded sheepishly: "really, just looking for a job."

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he mused for a moment and shook his head: "at first, because I was a famous school, I wanted to pick a job." But now all I want is to find a guarantee. "

I've seen a lot of similar things.

recently, he suddenly continued to run the interview anxiously.

"I know it's not good, but I really can't do it. If he can, then I can try my best. "

living in the pointing of the outside world, living in the middle of the night is unwilling.

sometimes I feel sorry for those who are used to running ahead.

people who are used to running ahead find it hard to accept stopping.

since childhood, teachers have said, "he who studies well earns a high salary."

the company is not looking for students, but workers and professionals.

I often hear people say, "I have to find a good job. I can't be sorry for the books I've been reading for more than ten years." But now you also know that working and studying are two completely different things.

Don't care so much about other people's advice, let alone embarrass yourself. after all, this is actually the first time for everyone to look for a job.