I am always afraid to strike a blow in the love field.

I am always afraid to strike a blow in the love field.
No matter what happens, don't look sad.

feelings are annoying and uncertain.

sometimes you feel the same way, right?

I chat with my friends and hear their emotional troubles and complaints.

some people say that the troubles of youth are too naive, and some people say that emotional troubles are lack of economy. in short, when they fall in love with someone, there are all kinds of insincere words and can't help them.

and I think it is like a changeable young woman, changing the method to brush the sense of existence in front of you.

A lot of letters are often received in the mailbox of the editorial department:

say that he loves but not, gets but does not love, he does not love me, itches in his heart, cares about gains and losses, a ruthless senior, a coquettish junior, an inexplicable long-distance relationship and a sex friend who can never be together.

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every time we fall in love with each other, we are all ninth-rate snipers.

I can't aim or hit.

emotion this goal, very strong, it will use a variety of bunkers, into a variety of camouflage, the whereabouts are difficult to find, it is difficult to aim.

you and it are ambushing each other in the smoke-filled jungle and abandoned roofs.

"Wind speed is uncertain, direction unknown, target confirmed, distance position."

what's harder than snipers is that people who have emotional problems don't have accurate standards for everything.

people who lose their sense of direction always want answers from others.

for example, my friends, who are obsessed with relationships, always want to get the so-called "love information" from others.

practical information does not exist, on the other hand, I quite hate this thing, practical information used to have another name: called shortcut, called express.

most people who pursue practical information always have an air of eagerness for quick success and quick profit.

I told my friend these words, and he asked me to stop pulling and answer his question seriously: "what if people are in emotional trouble?"

I put my hands forward. I don't know. I really don't know.

it's like if you ask me what love is, I can't answer it, because it's a proposition.

to be honest, it seems that only people who have experienced something will understand: "it's good to have emotional troubles."

in fact, I envy people who have emotional troubles.

I like Li Zongsheng's Song for myself very much. The lyrics are:

"by the time you find that time is a thief, it has already stolen all your choices."

most of the people you used to worry about will end up with the phrase "it's over".

A big part of feelings is annoyance, which is like a pain in the throat, unforgettable and sustenance when people turn over and over again.

those who describe that they can't help themselves in love like to talk about their emotional pain, say that they meet someone wrong, like to pour out their pain and frustration endlessly, breathe a little chill in their mouth, and feel that they love the wrong person again.

but even so, this is not really helpless, feelings of this thing is the most helpless, is no way to worry.

see through the four big empty worlds, claim to be frigid, and often say that they will no longer love the most pitiful people.

Tai Zaizhi said: repeat the same thing every day, follow the same practice as yesterday, if you can avoid violent ecstasy, there will be no sorrow.

people can naturally choose not to touch new things, which is painless.

but in fact, the so-called rational thinking is the most absurd self-deception.

give up the front line of confrontation with feelings, and stand idly by and act as a love dog mentor.

you are the calmest and the most boring.

to tell you the truth, young man, I hope you don't imitate others.

while there is still room, pick up the sniper beside the sound, hold your breath, aim at the prey, and fight it. If you don't get it, you won't get it, and if you get hurt, you'll get hurt. It's better than watching, relying on the chips of bystanders, not even qualified for entanglement and pain.

I really envy those friends who complain about their emotional troubles to me.

whether you subdue your goal or not, you still get a black and blue face, it doesn't matter, be smart.

the sweetness of kissing in the cinema, the holding hands under the dim street lamp, and even the night of sneaking into the youth brigade are countless amorous feelings.


Boy, you still put up with it and shot him.

when the chamber of the gun was hot afterwards, you asked me, if I missed, do you want to come again?

ha, I'll tell you very clearly, it's okay to do it again.

Life is just one shot after another, miss, go on.

there is no trick in this world to control the enemy. Restraint, maturity and precision are the tricks of the middle-aged and elderly.

shoot more while you are young.

this is advice.

good night.