His family bought him a house, but he felt he had nothing.

His family bought him a house, but he felt he had nothing.
Once people are satisfied, they begin to go downhill.

during the seven-day holiday, I met with several old classmates I hadn't seen for a long time. We confessed to each other about our recent days and talked about some troubles in life.

but less than half a year, I found that everyone's action became a little slow, and asked why.


four years ago, he was admitted to an undergraduate school in a second-tier city. The family bought him a high-end alien and five thousand yuan of pocket money as a reward. In his words, "the major is deployed, but there is no motivation to change majors, as if everything is the same", so he ushered in the graduation season.

but in the end, he didn't go anywhere and accepted the position his family gave him. He became a contractor at the unit, taking two thousand a month and signing the contract for three years, but he may not be left behind in the end.

he said, I don't want to, but my family said that if I work in it for a year or two, I will be transferred to a better position, so give it a try.

and recently their village has sold land again. According to the agreement of the village, he can be divided into as many as 50,000 yuan if there are several names in his household registration book.


his first article plus 100, 000 was a hot article reprinted on Weibo. According to him, there were only more than 3, 000 followers at that time. The tweet broke 100, 000 in less than half a day, and ended up with more than 2 million readers, bringing him a total of more than 70, 000 followers.

as soon as he got excited, he set up a daily FLAG in his moments.

over the past few years, he has talked to me many times. He does not believe that the impact of the environment is so great, and he wants to turn the tide, but he has been trying to do nothing.

"fortunately, there was no technology left behind at that time," he said. "otherwise, I would have nothing but this 100,000 yuan."


my friend's father had the foresight to give him a loan to buy a 130-square-meter house when we were still in the second year of senior high school. In fact, he did not think about how much property prices would rise at that time. His father just thought: "there happens to be spare money at home, and it is cheaper to buy a house than to put it in the bank."

that afternoon, his father called him to the mahjong room for tea and asked him, "what are you going to do now?"

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"if you want, sell your suite and build an extra five-story building in the village for rent, leaving 1 million for you to do business. what do you think?"

I know he's not showing off. He used to work in a tea shop just to see if he had a chance to be a boss.

he knows where his safety circle is, and he has the capital to break through, but he can't meet the right opportunity.

"once people are satisfied, they begin to go downhill."

I missed several out-of-the-box trips;

I missed an internship at 4A Advertising Company.

but people are born, in fact, it has something to do with progress. A good figure does not allow laziness. Good brands are always expanding their influence and improving their business value. Progress is very hard, but this kind of hardship step by step is much luckier than the end of the game.

as the saying goes: sometimes we fail not because we have done something wrong, but because we have done nothing.

good night.

Zhang thorns

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