Hey, why don't you come and see me?

Hey, why don't you come and see me?
I'd like to ask you how you've been recently.

to every one of you:

here you come at last.

where have you been recently? I haven't seen you for a long time. Don't go in a hurry, sit down and have a chat.

Don't worry, there are no advertisements in the back.

you are so stingy. I'm not happy that you said you wanted to make progress together, but now you still dislike me.

but forget it, who told us to be so tough, quarrelling at the head of the bed and at the end of the bed.

seeing that the summer vacation is nearly halfway through, you must be beginning to feel bored.

stay at home, begin to be rejected by your parents, can't eat junk food, can't drink cold drinks, can't come home late, can't stay up late.

want to meet an old friend, only to find that he only drinks when he comes and goes, ktv, selfie, and Arena of Valor.

what's even weirder is that as soon as you get home, you suddenly become comfortable and depraved, and you kind of start to miss the days hundreds of miles away from home.

am I absolutely right, you little bastard?

if you guessed correctly, you must have taken a bath and lay in bed by now.

after saying good night to an insignificant friend, it will take at least two more hours to really fall asleep.

I know it's no use asking you not to stay up late, because you have too much to do.

you have to give likes to people who look pleasing to the eye;

you have to wait for messages that he doesn't know when he will send them;

you can't take off your disguise until late at night and add hypocritical party;

these things are much more important than the dark circles under your eyes the next day.

I'm not trying to make fun of you, it can be said that you are very futile.

Don't you know? Usually he won't send you a message casually.

but I have to like your circle of friends and touch you appropriately from time to time, so the heart that you were going to let go is suddenly hung up again.

before, I would have scolded him for you, scum man, too bad.

but now, I have to tell you, this is also a rule in the emotional game.

you must learn to adapt to it and be good at it. You can't just count on the next person to be a pure and warm man.

otherwise, what's the difference between buying a lottery ticket? You know, your happiness is your own.

in fact, I knew you were having a bad time a while ago. I posted and deleted it on WeChat moments, and set it to be visible for only three days.

forget it. If you have any troubles, you don't come to me to leave a message, so that I don't know how to care about you.

you always look cool, pretending that nothing happens every day, and you don't know how to say anything when you're sad.

Don't pretend in front of me. I don't know what you look like when you are lovelorn.

later, I thought about it carefully. It's probably a way for you to protect yourself, so go ahead.

but say yes, you can't be so cool to me in the future. Just let me be cool and you'll be in charge of humming.

Our size 00 prom dresses will make you look stunning. Our stylish options are gentle on your pocket.

do you hear? I'm talking to you.

just hear it.

but then again, I must remind you that this may be our last summer vacation.

soon these love and love things will take a back seat in our lives.

what needs to be worried and bothered most is when to pay the rent and when to pay the salary.

that determines whether we can survive in a city.

you see, now many people have gone to internships to learn all kinds of things in order to live a little more respectable in the future.

Why are you staring at me? I'm not threatening you. I'm just saying that we really should make such plans for the future.

this kind of thing, in fact, it is not for me to say, after all, it is too disappointing to say it.

but you see, our school is average, and our grades are not good, and we haven't grown up to be loved by Daniel Wu or Gao Yuanyuan.

do you really think you are a fairy? I do, but the HR don't.

well, I promise you, I will become so powerful that you will have a lot of face to say.

but I'm also going to show you off to others. If you don't argue, do I still want to save face?

agreed, the old rule, we have to make progress together, who goes back on who is the puppy.

you don't think I'm verbose again because I've said so much in one breath.

it doesn't matter, just dislike it. For the sake of always buying me Vitasoy, it wouldn't hurt to let you diss for a while.

despite the fact that I have a lot of friends, I really don't have many friends who can speak my heart.

so it's hard to avoid feeling a little frustrated when you don't even come to me.

sometimes I wonder if it would be affectionate to keep saying that we are good friends.

in case you think in your heart that what I write is not good, and you still love bb all day long, you don't like to read it.

well, if one day you feel bored and unhappy because of me, and you don't want to come, then go.

it's not true to say that you're not sad, but I know that feelings can't be forced.

but at least for a few days, we really supported each other and went through some hardships.

that's enough. Finally, thank you for coming to see me tonight.

I feel happy in my heart, and I hope you are, too, every day in the future.

good night.