Everyone who knows love knows 59-year-old Li Zongsheng better.

Everyone who knows love knows 59-year-old Li Zongsheng better.
Happy 59th birthday of lonely Li Zongsheng.


when I was on Weibo today, I saw Gao Xiaosong and Yang Zongwei post a song called "over the Hills", which Gao called his "song at the bottom of the box" every year.

this song is a birthday present for Brother Li Zongsheng.

only then did I realize that he was already 59 years old.

many people have written about Li Zongsheng, many people celebrate his birthday, some say he is real, some say he is inspirational, and they say Lao Li is good in all sorts of ways, which seems to be right.

it's just that when I turned on my phone player and listened to Lao Li's "Hill", I only had the last sentence in my mind:

"Why can't I remember who gave me a hug and when?"

if I want to use one word to describe the 59-year-old, I can only think of loneliness.

an uncle who has written through the love of the world has fallen to the point where he has to live alone through one hill after another.

see through a woman's heart, but there are few white-headed people.


Li Zongsheng has been married to two people in his life.

the first wife is Zhu Weiyin.

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in 1986, under the introduction of singer Suri, Lao Li met Zhu Weiyin, a famous DJ from Hong Kong.

the first thing they said when they met was Lao Li:

"can you play mahjong in Taiwan?"

Zhu Weiyin quietly rolled her eyes and estimated that the man was so wooden and unromantic that he might not be able to build a bridge.

fortunately, Suri stopped Lao Li in time and let them go to the ballroom to dance. Unexpectedly, she jumped out of love.

"that wood, which looks stiff, used to understand a woman's heart."

the love period began, and the two of them spent two hours on the overseas phone almost every day.

this relationship lasted for two years, and then Zhu Weiyin suddenly said to him, "my phone bill is running out. We have two choices: we can either get married or break up."

Lao Li thought for a moment and said yes, so let's tie the knot.

so Zhu Weiyin, who could not speak a word of Mandarin at that time, flew to Taiwan and became Li Zongsheng's bride.

Taiwan love song master and Hong Kong famous DJ have come together.


after marriage, Zhu Weiyin finished her work and became Li Zongsheng's full-time wife.

like a follower every day, he goes to work with Lao Li, cooks for him, or even just washes his car at home, but never complains.

she is a traditional Chinese woman at heart, willing to marry far away from Taiwan, willing to sacrifice herself, and willing to give everything for her lover.

Zhu Weiyin invested her whole world in each other.

obviously, she loves him.

but this kind of love makes Lao Li feel very tired.

he told Zhu Weiyin more than once: "you should have your own world, and you should have the ability to be happy alone."

but Zhu always replied to him: "being with you is the happiest thing for me."

Lao Li smiled but sighed in his heart.

those years were the rising period of Li Zongsheng's career, and he devoted almost all his energy to his work, but Zhu wanted a man who could accompany him all the time.

then from communication, to dissatisfaction, to quarrels, to quarrels.

in 1989 he wrote a song called "my Future, my Home, my wife". It goes like this:

where will you be on Saturday night

whether you should accompany your wife at home or go out alone

I'm going to find an opportunity to tell her I love you

she has been asking me

when to go back

every day since I got married, and it was the second year of their marriage.

this relationship is like a piece of wood constantly falling crumbs, being pressed again and again, and may break at any time.

what is pressed on the board is love, and it is Zhu Weiyin's love for him.


and the last one who broke the plank was also love, his love for Lin Yilian.

in 1992, Li Zongsheng and Lin Yilian sang the theme song "when Love is the past" for the movie Farewell my Concubine.

when they first saw each other, I couldn't help but feel shocked-I had never met someone who was so in tune with me.

he said, "she can understand my song, and only she can interpret my work best."

she said, "he can see through my heart, and only he can grasp my mind best."

how can two people not be moved when they meet?

the bad thing is that Li Zongsheng is still a married man.

in the eyes of everyone at that time, Lao Li was happy, with a happy family and a successful career, and there seemed to be nothing to complain about.

even he almost believed that life should go down this road, turn love into affection, and wait for his daughter to grow up to be a good father and a good husband.

but after knowing Lin Yilian, everything has changed now.

he knows it's bad, but he can't help it. He's really obsessed.

he wrote:

once I really thought life was like this.

A calm heart refuses to have another wave

, but it can't break the twists and turns

. The most frightening thing about my

relationship is that "beloved" is not the only one and can always be replaced.


do you think Zhu Weiyin doesn't know?

she just doesn't want to let herself know.

Li ZongshengThe farewell concert in 1994 became the scariest experience of her life.

she later said: "watching the closest person perform on the stage, but in fact you know that this person is getting farther and farther away from you, even as a stranger, once this concert is over, he will really leave you. To pursue what he wants."

did you know that Lin Yilian was among the special guests that day?

on one side is the beloved husband, on the other side is the beloved woman of the husband;

on one side is the wife that the matchmaker is marrying, and on the other side is the woman who fascinates herself.

Li Zongsheng and Zhu Weiyin stayed up all night that night, because they both knew that choice was a sharp sword that would hurt people a lot.

until 1997, after being hit by the death of her parents, Zhu Weiyin finally couldn't hold on, chose to let go of her hand and signed her name on the divorce agreement.

the following year, Li Zongsheng and Lin Yilian flew to Canada and finally got married with a child in Vancouver.

he was finally able to say fair and square that the song "I really love you" was written to Lin.

I used to be as helpless as duckweed

inexplicable fear of love

but I met you

I met you for the first time

you seemed to have a magic

at that moment I was unable to speak

and can no longer avoid

so you became the most beautiful memory in my life

. He was happy.


passionate love is like beer, the first sip is the best, the second sip, to the third sip, people will begin to dislike the bubble feeling above.

after a long time together, their problems were fully exposed.

unlike Zhu Weiyin, Lin Yilian is an incomparably strong and independent person at heart.

if Zhu's problem in his relationship with Li Zongsheng is too dependent, then Lin's problem is that he is too undependent.

she is not reconciled to being a housewife. She wants to work hard on her own and become a diva.

in fact, she also did, with a song "at least you", let the whole of China know her name.

at that time, Lao Li was in the doldrums and wanted to go to Beijing for development.

the thriving Lin Yilian was trying to open up the Hong Kong market.

in a relationship, two people are not dependent on each other, which means that they are not together, but there is no difference.

after a long life of separation, Li Zongsheng was given a drink, and he began to wonder what love was.

he doesn't know why, but he just wrote:

at the beginning, it is always wonderful every minute

everyone thinks that enthusiasm will never diminish

except for the little bit of tiredness after the passion fades

maybe it's like who said insatiable greed

. In short, in those years, sensibility won the rational side

04, and the two issued a divorce declaration one after another.

if our love is wrong, may you and I not suffer in vain. Sandy, I wish you happiness and find what you want and what you think is worth it. "


in the twinkling of an eye, Zhu Weiyin, who was abandoned at the beginning, never said that Li Zongsheng was bad, and the rest was just thanks.

Lin Yilian also found her next lover and married Gong Shuoliang.

those who should be forgiven have long been forgiven, and those who should be blessed have been happy.

Li Zongsheng himself, however, is left alone.

he choked for a long time when he sang the song "when Love is a thing of the past" at a concert after the divorce.

the media said that he was touching the scene, but he said he was full and choked with hiccups.

he, who was originally flirtatious by nature, did not have any affair.

he sings in "Song for himself":

the oath of old love is like a slap

every time you think of a sentence, you get a slap in the face

and then you can't smell a woman for years

he sings

across the hill to find that no one is waiting

Why can't you remember the last time it was? Who gave the hug when

because of knowing women? And win the favor of the beautiful woman.

because I don't know my feelings, I can't keep anyone.

at the age of 59, he has already admitted his own life.

would describe it as "fighting back beyond your limits until you die."


when I was a child, I always felt that there was something right or wrong in love.

it is wrong not to repay other people's efforts;

to live up to other people's love is wrong;

to betray other people's feelings is even more wrong.

so people say that young people do not understand Li Zongsheng.

as I get older, I gradually find that affection is so complicated that it is not a matter of general judgment, and everything can be decided with True or False.

besides right and wrong, there is too much helplessness hidden in it.

that's why there is a saying that "everyone has a Li Zongsheng in his heart".

when you understand, you grow up.

it's just that this kind of growing up is a little more cruel.

when I was young, I didn't listen to Li Zongsheng. I was not confused when I understood it.

before you are confused, it already tastes good, is it Cang?Sang invaded early?

finally, I wish lonely Brother Li a happy 59th birthday.

good night.