Every girl has her secret hidden in her lipstick.

Every girl has her secret hidden in her lipstick.
That lipstick made me love you.

the girls all brought their makeup bags. Once they were opened, foundation, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, highlight, lipstick, and a lot of cosmetics that I could not name, looked like an art exhibition of 18 weapons.

on the other hand, lipstick seems to be as much as possible, and you can't get tired of wearing it on several rounds.

the scary thing is that there were only four girls present.

on the way back that day, I went to ask Alai. He touched his chin and said, maybe all kinds of lipstick taste different.

I shook my head and asked the same question. He pushed his gold-rimmed glasses and mused and said:

"Light luxury goods, the magic device for women in the new era."

so that night, I secretly interviewed three girls:

@ Zero

the first serious lipstick of my life, the choice was positive red: to be elegant, positive, and classic.

as a result, the dazzling red was in sharp contrast to my shirt, jeans, canvas shoes.

so I pressed the lipstick to the bottom of the box.

every time I put it on, when I see the soft self in the mirror, I am glad that I have found the color number of the match.

after struggling for a long time, I took out the positive red from the bottom of the box and painted it, only to find that this time's temperament suppressed the lipstick.

in the end, I gradually got into the habit of buying a lipstick of what kind of person I want to be, and then trying to match the temperament that this lipstick represents.

if you want to be more mature and stable, buy a plum color.

@ Circle

the beauty of girls is mostly reflected in their faces.

lipstick is the finishing touch for girls.

I started wearing makeup when I was in college, and the first cosmetics I came into contact with at that time was lipstick.

but for a bag, a lipstick is much cheaper.

when I am happy, people will want to look better, so I will get used to covering the powder, drawing eyebrows and choosing lipstick according to my mood when I am in a good mood.

@ Liu Bai

for a long time, I only had one lipstick.

so no matter what clothes I wear, I can only wear this kind of lip color, and because of this, I have been kindly laughed at by my make-up roommates:

I smile every time and don't take it to heart. It's not that important to me.

all my roommates asked me if I was sick and looked terrible.

when I went back to my dormitory one day, my roommate took out a new lipstick and insisted that I try it.

those pale and haggard seemed to be swept away in an instant.

when the face is full of color and becomes good-looking, it will be reminded all the time:

lipstick should be worthy of people, and people should also deserve lipstick.

I also think of a little sister I met in the club before. The lipstick in my makeup bag is always TOM FORD's Richard. I have used several lipsticks in the past two years, but they have never changed.

later, at a party, I found the purse she left behind. When I opened it, I found that there was a photo of Li Li with a boy in it, and the name Richard was also signed under it.

the obsession with lipstick may also come from a kind of sustenance to desires and fantasies, which is carried in the name.

recently, the third generation of TOM FORD Lips&Boys has just been introduced in China. There are 50 unique lipsticks with corresponding male stories behind each color number.

the teenager with bright teeth and bright eyes

and the heart beating when I saw you

put on the evening dress for the first time

like the sunset at six o'clock in the afternoon

like the smile I first saw you

suddenly feel that lipstick for girls is a bit like the feeling of games for boys.

Girls also have no way to know how they can't take their eyes off such a boring game.

only know that every time the other person receives lipstick, that kind of happiness is usually not seen.

just these two reasons are enough for boys to immerse themselves in all kinds of color symbols without hesitation.

so we waved our hands, took out our pockets and bought five TF lipsticks to give to the cutest children.

good night ^

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