Don't let your company become the most annoying confession.

Don't let your company become the most annoying confession.
Let me play alone.


for several months in a row, the quarrel between Xiao Mei and Lao Hei was all caused by Arena of Valor.

she is a game idiot who can't even play Tetris well. She naturally doesn't like each other to play games, but he is also a master who itches without playing two games a day.

Lao Hei complained to me many times that he didn't dare to hold his cell phone at home, so he could only secretly open it while she was taking a bath. Occasionally she came out too fast and had to hang up.

it's even funnier when having dinner with friends. As long as someone proposes to gang up, Lao Hei will begin to observe and pay attention to the changes in the expression on Xiao Mei's face.

if the sky is clear, accept the invitation;

if the clouds are cloudy, accept the invitation, and then be ready to accept her bad face.

my brothers and I all feel sorry for Lao Hei, but then again, Xiaomei is not easy.

every time we fight in the Canyon of Kings, there is no one to talk to her, and she doesn't know what to do. She can only quietly finish the peanuts and shredded kelp on the table, waiting for the waiter to serve, and waiting for us to go offline.

it was not easy to wait until we moved the chopsticks and listened to us discuss the review of the game just now, but I couldn't get a word in for a long time.

I have always sighed that this can be said to be a real version of "A's honey B's arsenic".

Arena of Valor, so that most people can accompany each other, warm together, and become emotional contacts;

but at the same time, it makes a small group of people lose their attention, but become lonely and become emotional separators.


after a long time, Xiao Mei felt that this was not a solution, so she came and asked me what to do.

at first I just casually said, "it's normal for boys to play games. Understand."

but as soon as the words were spoken, I saw her frown, and I realized that it was nonsense.

if I could understand it, it wouldn't be like this.

embarrassed for a while, I added: "Why don't you try to play?"

she didn't speak. After struggling for a while, she carefully asked me if I could take her.

in the innings when I took her to the beginning, I repeated a few words all the time:

you can't cross the tower casually;

don't give people your head randomly;

you don't have to give out two pairs of shoes.

this "female college student in mobile games" really gives me a headache.

but when Xiao Mei went back, she deliberately turned up the volume in front of him and opened the King of Kings, and the big o mouth of the old black almost didn't dislocate herself.

Old Black is different from me. When I learned that my girlfriend had entered the King's Pit for her own sake, I was extremely happy.

I finally breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the couple sprinkling dog food in the Canyon of Kings as if they had entered the honeymoon again.

most of the problems between couples seem to be solved by companionship.


but my breath is still too early.

the circle seems to be able to melt, but in fact there is a threshold.

although she plays computer games with her boyfriend, the game talent is there, and Xiaomei is still very difficult to use.

almost every one died with a record of 0 to 8, bringing Old Hei's Rank from the gold pit to silver.

if she is cheated by a gay friend, Lao Hei can still scold her for relieving her anger, but the one around her is the flesh of his heart and says no, and he has to smile to let Blue buff, trying to protect her who is completely useless.

every time I gang up with them, I can always see Lao Hei secretly frowning and sighing behind his back.

what's more, Xiao Mei doesn't know the changes and thinks it's always fun to play games together.

not only invite the old black to play the ranked more frequently, but also feel unhappy and feel abandoned when he sees traces of a single row in his historical record.

one day he went out alone with Old Black and asked him if he would gang up. He said yes, then opened the King, logged out, and logged in with a new account.

I was stupefied for a moment. He smiled and said, "I'll play with you with another number."

Varied with the smallest details,our prom dresses under 100 are your indispensable items. Our collections are made of the best quality superb fabrics.

it turns out that in order not to affect his Rank and not to be checked by Xiao Mei, he secretly opened a trumpet behind her back to play games that "can be played seriously."

"only when I get on this number, I am happy to play this game. When I am with Xiaomei, I always seem to be with her. I am too tired."

suddenly I don't know what to say.

they both feel that they are with each other, but they both vaguely reveal the smell of "self-sacrifice".


I suddenly feel that the role of the word "companionship" is always inadvertently exaggerated.

We say that companionship is the most lasting confession;

it doesn't matter what you do, what matters is that you are around;

is it really not important?

I don't think so.

there is a kind of companionship called superfluous companionship.

I remember that in my third year of high school, my mother always sat next to me, saying that she would accompany me with my homework and could pour tea and water to take care of me.

she gave up her favorite TV series to make me review better, but in fact, her behavior made me feel stressed and uncomfortable.

I remember once on a whim that I wanted to accompany the eel whale to go shopping for clothes, thinking that this was what a good boyfriend should do.

as a result, I not only couldn't give her any good advice, but also couldn't bargain. I walked a few steps and shouted that my feet were sore and thirsty.

later, she always complained that she was still thinking about shopping with her girl friends.

about Xiao Mei and Lao Hei, I think that's the same thing.

companionship itself should be mutual, in a period of time together, two people can be happy, then companionship is meaningful.

otherwise, extra company is actually better than no company at all.


the matter of company is actually far from as simple as we thought.

if you don't stay together and do the same thing, you will have good results and everything will be solved.

if you want to have less company, you need to know what the other person really wants.

instead of giving yourself all at once, it will only get half the result with twice the effort.

obviously, what the old black wants is a "good game experience", not "turning his girlfriend into a teammate".

and Xiao Mei didn't want to sever ties with the king in the first place, but just wanted to be cared about more.

coincidentally, QQ Browser recently opened a high-energy interest class with six different topics for people in need to learn and communicate.

for example, Xiaomei, for example, is suitable to go to the "Arena of Valor class" opened by the Great God to learn the technology as quickly as possible, at least to make the game experience of Old Black not so bad.

on the contrary, this kind of straight man, Old Black, has constant contradictions because of games, and obviously has a big problem with his ability to deal with intimate relationships, so I forced him into the "love cram school" of Damei Ling and Jiang Sida.

in addition, there are several other interest classes, all of which are closely related to the daily hobbies of post-90s and post-1995 generation, such as:

the "brain opening class" of the post-90s generation;

complained about the "no spit class" of Wang Chi Zi and balls;

the "no hunger no work class" by Mi Zijun, a gourmet scholar;

there is also the "Cos no work class" of members of the SNH48 girls' group.

well, if you are interested after watching the video, you might as well click to read the original text and join the class that suits you.