Does it cost money to live an ideal life?

Does it cost money to live an ideal life?
What is your ideal life?

A few days ago, I went out for midnight snacks with the distant summer couple and the thorn couple. Facing a table of barbecue, the thorns began to complain about spending a lot of money today, urging us to get rid of the meal money.

his expression suddenly paused and said, "that's not just spending money, okay? that's my hobby."

it seems that there are more and more people, their consumption will be more concentrated in some specific places, such as clothes, such as cameras.

in today's article, we want to talk to you about what we think of the relationship between ideal life and spending money.

my first contact with guitar was in junior high school.

because of the low cost, the manufacturing process of this kind of piano is very poor, even if the timbre is not good, and the most fatal thing is that the distance between the string and the fingerboard is very high.

but when I was in junior high school, I didn't know anything, and I only knew how to work against the guitar that was jokingly called a "burning stick", grinding my fingers until they broke their skin and growing cocoons before they could stumble and play a song.

persisted for several months, and the progress was so slow that it made me think that I was not the material at all, so I never touched the piano again.

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they told me that the fingers should be relaxed when pressing the chords so that the timbre will be good.

once I accidentally picked up my brother's guitar and gently put my finger on the fingerboard. When I talked about the first sound, my whole body's bones shook and felt numb. I remember that feeling until now.

I just found that if I haven't seen anything good, sometimes I feel as if the whole world is so bad.

@ Wang Zepeng

it's funny to think about it now. At that time, for a pen, I had to talk back and forth with my aunt at the school gate for a meal every day. Then I saved it for three or four weeks before I managed to save a pen.

this kind of minority hobby is always unpopular. I sat on the bed all afternoon for one action, so that my mother tried to break my pen several times.

I opened the store and took a look at my favorite pen in high school. It didn't hurt as much as I used to. I just withdrew my hand when I wanted to place an order-I was no longer in the mood.

it's just a good thing I gritted my teeth and starved for something I like.

because when you are rich, you may not like it.

"spending money happens to be the way to an ideal lifestyle."

in class that day, a girl next to her was looking at her clothes. I asked her why girls were so happy when they bought.

she replied: "for most girls, the joy of shopping comes from fantasy."

I didn't understand what this fantasy meant, so I asked, "what fantasy?"

she put down her phone and said:

what really makes people happy in shopping is fantasy.

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