But this is also the first time for me to be a younger brother and sister.

But this is also the first time for me to be a younger brother and sister.
Do you want politeness or privilege?

this article was crazily scanned on moments, and many students forwarded it and complained desperately. I casually clicked in it, and after reading the whole article, I felt inexplicably uncomfortable.

there is a sentence that the author has been emphasizing all the time:

then, this article lists two examples.

another example is that a "very polite younger brother" poured water for us, moved stools for us, and was finally scrambled by various community departments for admission.

some brothers and sisters have been emphasizing "politeness" to you all the time. They tell you to "learn to be a man", which sounds like a painstaking effort.

they just want their brothers and sisters to worship them as gods and obey them.

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the most cheating thing about this article is that he puts "impoliteness" on the freshman's head and divides the freshmen into two groups of "obedient" and "disobedient" with two seemingly correct examples.

there are no new students who are impolite, and there are no new students who are impolite.

and most people, as they learn more and more about the rules and personnel of the university, they take politeness less and less seriously.

brothers and sisters are rude, you dare not say.

AHA, it just so happens that the freshmen are here, so all the anger is on the freshmen.

secondly, you are not doing it for the freshman's "politeness" question at all.

this sentence has been angered by many brothers and sisters, but is it really wrong to think about it carefully?

A fact is that freshmen and brothers and sisters are indeed equal, politeness is never one-way, and politeness is not good to me, so please be polite to me, this is a deal, not communication.

I hope those brothers and sisters will remember that you want to be polite, not respectful or bossy.

another fact is that politeness is a principle for people to get along with each other, not openly separated into brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters. What are your intentions in putting the two against each other and demonizing freshmen?

you keep claiming to be brothers and sisters, but what I see is that after there is something wrong with the freshmen, you are not going to communicate, not to reason, but to post articles directly.

then I want to say that one can want something in return when giving, but you can't treat this reward as a kidnapping request.

for example, when I first entered college, my brothers and sisters who came to our dormitory ten or twenty times a night, I tidied up and dealt with them at the same time.

is it rude for me not to ask for warmth? Is it necessary to bring you tea and water in order to be a "qualified" younger brother?

instead of taking advantage of this identity, I think I can stand above others.

No one likes to be pointed at their nose and say, "you have to be polite, you have to be gentle and polite, you have to know the rules."

these words will make me feel funny when they are said by some people who are a year or two older than me.

they just create their own system by the rules of society, and use it to ask you.

they say that this is the way it is in the world, but--

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