Are you all right.

Are you all right.
We can not only know how to be happy, but also learn to face sadness.

she asked me,

I guess she should be really sad.

I was in military training when I received the news of Grandpa's death.

actually I had a hunch when I answered the phone.

she said, I said, um, and then hung up.

Last year, Zhang Jingshi asked if there was anything most regrettable.

didn't see Grandpa for the last time.

I blame myself.

Why not a little earlier.

our age is destined that we will begin to face this matter.

he waved to me on the school road.

then he said that his grandmother passed away at noon today.

speechless, put your hand on his shoulder.

I dare not look at his expression.

this is the only way I can think of to comfort him at that time.

those who have passed away can no longer have it.

I really can't do it.

throat is still blocked.

Life is like this, and it doesn't matter that few people can do it.

then be sad, it's all right.

also wrote a song "Xiaobai" for his cat.

"grow too fast, leave faster, you know."

I don't have time to grasp every important person around me.

so I started recording.

it's hard for me to add an aboveboard reason to "leave".

but I'm glad I'm sad.

and the only thing I can comfort myself is that he gave me a lot of unforgettable things before he left.

stick to his share and be nice to those who are important around you.

years journey

to make my wife smile

this is when you finish your mission

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